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DIY Capiz Shell Wind Chime

This DIY Capiz shell wind chime is super easy to make and will look beautiful blowing in the wind in your home.

Capiz shell wind chime hanging from tree.

This is a beautiful wind chime made from white Capiz shells and a driftwood branch that holds the shells.

Here is another post that that can teach you how to make a driftwood wind chime. How To Make a Driftwood Wind Chime. This wind chime is made from driftwood pieces I found on the beach.

What is Capiz Shells

Is know as a window pane oyster. Its a bivalve marine mollusk. Most of these are found in Philippines waters. The are edible, but the shell is used mostly for home decor such as chandeliers and lampshades.

Why You Will Love about this Diy Capiz Shell Wind Chime

  • It is easy to make because it only requires 4 steps.
  • If you love coastal decor, this wind chime definelty will add some coastal chic to your home.
  • Capiz shell are very light. So the wind chime will be easy to hang.
  • Hand made crafts are well received when given as gifts. You can give this as a gift to a good friend or member of your family.

Supplies For DIY Capiz Shell Wind Chime

  • Driftwood branch : You can use a small tree branch if you don’t have any driftwood.
Capiz shells

DIY Capiz Shell Wind Chime: How To Make it.

  1. Lay out the Capiz shells on a table the way you want to string them on the driftwood branch.
Laying the Capiz shells wind chime on table.

2. With a needle pull the fishing line through the first hole of shell through the back of shell though the second hole on the bottom. At each hole you pass through double sew and knot it.

3. Continue sewing each shell the same way. Make sure you sew a few times though each hole to make secure.

4. When sewing the last shell on each strand sew through the same hole a few time and tie a knot at the end.

Sewing the Capiz shells together.

5. Drill a hole at each end of the driftwood. Pull 12 inches of twine though each hole and tie a knot at each end.

6. Drill holes into the driftwood or tree branch. After pull it though the holes several time using the needle and thread. Tie a knot at the end.

Hanging Capiz shells on driftwood to make a Capiz shell wind chime.

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Capiz wind chime hanging from tree.

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  1. I didn’t realize you could buy them pre-drilled. That makes life so much easier. My Dad had one hanging on his patio and it always made the most beautiful sound.

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