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How To Make Cheesecloth Ghost For Halloween

My cheesecloth ghost for halloween was super easy to make and your table will love them. This is a cute way to decorate your table for Halloween and look stylishly spooky.

cheesecloth ghosts on table

How To Make Cheesecloth Ghost For Halloween

When I was a child I loved decorating my home for Halloween with ghosts. My favorite was my moms ghosts she hung around the house with sheets. They looks so authentic.

The next time you want something cute and spooky for your table, make these ghosts.

Also make these cute Halloween rocks for another cute decoration for your table.

What is Cheesecloth

Cheesecloth is light weight and made of 100 % cotton. Its traditionally used to strain foods and liquids. Nowadays you can use cheesecloth for other purposes like this Halloween craft. There are many different grades of cheese cloth

The lower the grade the bigger gaps. As the number goes higher the cloth becomes tighter and smaller gaps. I used a low grade so I wanted to give a see though ghost like appearance.

sheets of cheesecloth

Why You Will Love Cheesecloth Ghosts.

  • It is easy to make.
  • They make your table look spooky stylish.
  • You can put the Ghosts anywhere in the house.
  • Adding fur makes them look chic and expensive.
  • A great gift idea for the holidays.
cheesecloth ghosts on table

Supplies: How To Make Cheesecloth Ghosts For Halloween

  • Cheesecloth: Low grade cheesecloth gives a ghost see through appearance.
  • Balloons: Small balloons are perfect size for ghosts. You place them on top of 16 ounce tall glass.
  • Tall glass: 16 ounces is the perfect size to use for the balloons.
balloons  on table

How To Make CHEESECLOTH Ghost For Halloween

  1. Cut out your cheesecloth so it drapes over the balloon and glass. Measure cheesecloth and cut it.
ballon on top go glass with cheesecloth

2. Blow up the balloons and place on a 16 ounce tall glass. Draw eyes with a black margin marker.

ballon with two black eyes

3. Empty the entire glue into a bowl with 3 cups of water. Mix well.

glue and water solution

4. Drench the cheesecloth in the mixture and squeeze out the solution until it all out.

cheesecloth drenched in glue solution

5. Spread the cheesecloth over the balloon, make sure the ends are drapping on the table and let dry for 24 hours.

cheesecloth dropped over balloon: How to make cheesecloth  ghosts for Halloween

At the end with a magic marker you can mark the eyes on the cheesecloth. I placed 4 of the ghosts on my dining room table. Along with a few candles and lights.

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ghosts on tablescape: How to make cheesecloth ghosts for Halloween

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  1. Woww! First the cheesecloth ghost look soo real and awesome and that silver pumpkin in the middle of the table is just amazing, thanks for the sharing dear

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