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How To Make Halloween Hanging Ghosts Decorations

If you are looking for some cute and stylish flying ghosts. I have some tricks and treats for you. Check out how to make Halloween hanging ghosts decorations that can float around.

I am so excited to show you how to make Halloween hanging ghost decorations. It’s truly hard to find cute ghosts among all the creepy stuff at the stores. I finally found a cute one at Walmart that was a costume. So it inspired me to create my own. My mom used to make me angels with sheets and tulle so that gave me the ideas to use them for the ghosts. Luckily I found some old sheets and an old tulle scarf that I no longer wanted.

DIY Ghosts Supplies:

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  • 4 Foam balls (6 inch)
  • Sheets (one full sheet should work)
  • Tulle (one yard)
  • Wide black & White Ribbon (or any color)
  • Clear stretchable cord
  • Glue gun

Halloween Hanging Ghosts Instructions:

For each Halloween foam ball with a black marker draw 2 big eyes that are about 2 inches wide. Draw one smaller circle inside the larger one and leave that white. Fill the rest of the larger circle black.

Take the sheets and cut out 4 -14 inches by 20 inches. I am making 4 ghosts, so I cut 4. Cut the sides into 6 inches strips.

Gather the strips by tying the jute string in the middle to form sort of a hula skirt. Then glue the head to the top of the skirt.

Next, get the tulle and cut 4 22 by 24 inches and wrap it around the foam ball. Take the jute and tie it around the lower part of the foam ball tightly.

Take the wide ribbon, I used black and white. Tie a big bow to take shape as a bow tie.

Cut the tulle in strips like you did with the hula skirt.

Halloween ghosts: How To Make Halloween Hanging Ghosts Decorations

The last part is sewing the stetching cord with a needle into the top of the head. Tie the top of the cord into the circle and hang anywhere.

How to hang ghosts with cord: How To Make Halloween Hanging Ghosts Decorations

Tips to Hanging The Hanging Ghosts Decorations:

Use an ornament hanger to hang the hanging ghosts decorations. They look great hanging under a chandelier. It looks like they are flying. Another tip I found is using a small eye hook and tie the cord onto that. I love my ghosts and I decided to call them Cash, Giggles, Inky and Gomez.

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How To Make Halloween Hanging Ghosts Decorations


  1. So cute and easy to make! these look so fancy with tulle. Perfect for my next Halloween party.

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