Diy Driftwood Christmas Tree

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My DIY driftwood Christmas tree is super easy to make and your home will ever be so charming. All you need is driftwood from the beach.

DIY Driftwood Christmas Tree on table

When I was a child I loved picking up driftwood on the beach. My mom would place the driftwood on the table with pinecones and it looked so pretty.

The next time you want to make a holiday craft try this DIY driftwood Christmas tree.

Here is another driftwood craft. HOW TO MAKE A DRIFTWOOD WREATH

What is Driftwood

Driftwood is wood that has been washed onto a shore of beaches sea, lake, or river by the action of winds, tides or waves. Driftwood can provide shelter and food for birds, fish and other aquatic species as it floats in the ocean.

For me driftwood is a natural element that can be used as a decorative piece on a table or like this post I use pieces I found on the beach to make crafts.

Why You Will Love This DIY Driftwood Christmas TRee

  • The tree is beautiful and natural.
  • Its is easy to make.
  • You can make any size of tree depending the size of driftwood you have.
  • Its is easy to take apart and put together.
driftwood Christmas tree on table

Supplies To Make DIY Driftwood Christmas Tree

  • Driftwood I used the 4 to 12 inch driftwood for this medium tree.
  • Metal Rod: I used a 24 inch 1/4 inch threaded rod.
  • Drill bit: I used a 1/4 inch drill bit to make hole

DIY Driftwood Christmas Tree

  1. Lay out your driftwood on the floor in the shape of a Christmas tree. I started from bottom using long branches – short ones.
pieces of driftwood on ground shape of Christmas tree

2. Use a measuring tape or ruler, pencil in the hole in the middle of the driftwood.

measuring the driftwood

Since I am renting an apartment I don’t have access to all my tools. So I head over to my brother in law who has everything. We set up a safe space so I can drill.

3. We used a 2 wood planks on a horses and clamped the driftwood in the middle. Hold the drill straight up and slowly drill a 1/4 hole into the wooden base. Drill completely through the wood. Once you drill all the holes place the driftwood pieces through the rod starting with the longest to shortest

drill a hole in middle on driftwood piece

There are many types of driftwood out there. Depending on the size of tree will decide which pieces of driftwood to use.

4. My tree is 24 inches tall and the rod is thin. So I used about 40 pieces driftwood from 15 inches to 4 inch. If you are using a 1/2 inch rod or rebar. I would use thicker driftwood and longer pieces anywhere from 20 inch to 6 inches.

metal rod placed in the middle of a wood base

5. The rod is 24 inches. I drilled a hole in the wooden stand the size of the rod which. was 1/4 inch thick. Start adding the longest driftwood piece and work your way up to the smallest.

putting driftwood pieces through metal rod

Once you are done, you can swing the driftwood around and create all different shapes. I was having fun with this part. For top of tree I was confused what to put on the top so I choose a starfish.

Driftwood tree on the table
Where To Get Driftwood

You can find driftwood almost anywhere. You don’t need to live by the beach to find driftwood. You can find it by your local lakes, rivers and even in the woods. If you don’t find any Amazon has lots.

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