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How To Create a Charming Moroccan-Style Outdoor Space.


How To Create a Charming Morocco-Style Outdoor Space.

I have been looking forward to doing something unique decorating ideas for Spring for my outdoor spaces.  It took me some time to come up with a Moroccan-Style theme. I do love the global decor and I have this thing for colorful pillows and oriental rugs outside. I have all these accents pieces in my attic. The biggest persuasion to go with this theme was I had painted my old outdoor table a beautiful shade of gray and stenciled a large Moroccan medallion on the center of the table. Here are my ideas for creating a charming Moroccan-style outdoor space.

Step 1: Pick out your base furniture.

It was a ton of fun choosing the base furniture for the patio space. I choose a large teak sofa with two teak chairs as the base.

Step 2: Large Colorful rug.

Adding a large colorful rug in the center of the patio space will start creating the Moroccan style look.

Step 3: Large coffee table.

I had this large table which I repainted and stenciled a large medallion in the middle.

Here is the tutorial on how to do it.

Step 4: Blue and White Mediterranean China

I choose some Mediterranean style plates and cups to use outside for entertaining.

Step 5: Colorful pillows

I added many different styles of colorful fabric for the pillows on the sofa and chair. It was the perfect touch to create a charming Moroccan-style outdoor space.

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 If you like to make your own pillows try this Shibori Tie-dyed pillows tutorial here!


  1. Gorgeous Persian rug far too pretty to be in the attic! It looks striking in your outdoor setting. Love your colorful pillows and lovely blue and white china. Those brownies look decadent on your pretty cake stand. The stencil on your table adds a charming touch.
    It was a fun blog hop this week.

    1. Bonnie

      So happy that you stopped by and glad we met. the blog hop is a great place to meet ladies with the same interest.

  2. Maria, fabulous that you joined us for this tablescape adventure, and an adventure theme is exactly what you created here with your global decor in a Moroccan interpretation. I agree with Bonnie – the rug is too pretty to have in an attic! Your tabletop finish is terrific and, like you, I have similar teak furniture that has that complementary gray, aged finish now. Your table really turned out sharp. It’s a great look for spring OR summer, even early fall. Happy Spring! Pass the brownies, please!

    1. Rita, You have been a joy to work with and loved the blog hop! looking forward to the nest blog hop.

  3. Just absolutely lovely Maria, what a wonderful spring setting in your beautiful yard! The stenciled table is gorgeous, I can see you and your guests lingering there long after sunset…

    1. Jenna I love you blog and So happy you liked the moroccan theme. I can’t remember if there was a theme to our blog hop and I was worried that I messed up, but I guess it was fine.

  4. Maria, you set the stage for a beautiful Spring or Summer gathering! The rug looks right at home in the gorgeous setting & I am so in love with the Moroccan theme. That is my all time favorite Stencil! Loved being included in this Hop!

    1. Michelle, thanks so much! its been a pleasure being with you in this events and I truly enjoy the bloggy friendship.
      Hugs Maria

  5. Maria, who wouldn’t love to join you in this beautiful setting! The rug is fabulous and I am glad it came out of the attic so we can admire it. I have enjoyed blog hopping with you this week and please pass me a brownie!

    1. Thanks for the visit! I’m pretty happy I ended using those rugs and pillows, I have been stuck using white all the time, that I need a change.

  6. What a beautiful idea for an outdoor tea party! So colorful, lovely setting and a wonderful rug!

    1. Thanks so much Lory! Hope you enjoy your Easter and use that gorgeous tablescape of yours.

  7. Maria, I love a tea party, and yours looks wonderful! What a gorgeous rug to anchor your table and your blue and white dishes are so pretty. Those brownies look yummy.too. What a perfect spot in your beautiful garden to host such a lovely Spring Party! It has been so much fun blog hopping with you. Happy Spring!!!

    1. Thanks for such a sweet message. Enjoyed the blog hop with you all. look forward to another one.

  8. OH so love your outdoor space……I hope you get to enjoy many many hours out there

    1. Nicki
      So excited you stopped by. Glad you like the moroccan table. Its really fun sitting and having a some relax time there too. Maria

  9. What a unique tablescape in your lovely outdoors! The treatment of the table is beautiful! I like your topiary! I want a real rosemary topiary so badly but can’t find one here in Florida, so I am growing my own! Thank you so much for joining this blog hop…has the baby arrived? I do hope you will join the next blog hop, too!

    1. Chloe, Thank so much for the kind words, the baby was born last Friday! Baby boy! I just got back home to spend some time getting my home in order and leaving again next week. its crazy blogging and traveling. Will be doing another blog hop with you all. Thanks again for all your hard work.

  10. you couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful backdrop to highlight your tea party. The stenciled medallion is gorgeous as are the pillows and the rug. It is the perfect spot to relax with a cup of tea and one of those decadent brownies.

    1. Hi Sandra, So glad you enjoyed my party! I loved your tablescape and meeting all of you! its been a great pleasure.

  11. Maria, what time is the tea party? So love your outdoor setting and would love to be there!! Great idea.

    1. Kim, I really wish I could see more of you all in person. Haven was a great place to meet up last year but I’m not going this year.

  12. What fun to see this fabulous tea party you’ve set up in such a lovely location! Love the colourful prints on the pillows and rug and the pretty pattern on your dishes. Those lanterns are gorgeous and are wonderful statement pieces. Yum, the brownies look so delicious!

    1. Lori, I was a bit worried that the colors would clash, but it turned out ok. Now I know I can do this again. I am thinking of doing a moroccan theme it with a large table.Thanks so much

  13. I love these vibrant colors against the neutral color of your teak patio furniture. The colors really pop! I especially like how you mixed patterns, too. I’m always a chicken about mixing patterns and colors because I’m afraid it will turn out looking like a mish-mash. But, you balanced things perfectly, here. I love your Moroccan stencil.

    1. Carol, I am sure you can mix match stuff too, the key is to but keep it simple. I notice if I have to much around the table it takes away from the table, so i make sure there is nothing outside that will get in the way. Hugs Maria

  14. Al fresco! Excellent idea…it’s an inviting space and decorated with wonderful detail. Enjoy the season!

    1. Nancy, I try my best to be different with my parties and design. Glad you enjoyed it.

  15. Maria, let’s see what I love about your tablescape. The setting, so open and peaceful. The stenciled table, awesome look. The pale blue patterned dishes, to die for. The weathered gray furniture, so nostalgic and comfy looking. The colorful pillows and rug, great pops of color. Beautiful job, my dancing friend!

    1. Carol, thanks so much! I wish I was going to dance with you all again this year, but I go away on vacation that whole week! 🙁

  16. As always beautiful and uncomplicated. This looks perfectly approachable and oh-so lovely for an afternoon outside. Love it!

  17. Oh this is beautiful!! I love the global style and the vibrant colors in this setting. Pinning!

  18. This is really beautiful and so inviting, Maria. 🙂

  19. This is sooo pretty! I love the look of Moroccan decor…so exotic and bright. I recently developed a recipe for Kenyan tea that would taste so good in this setting, being sipped out of blue and white china! The link is here: Thanks so much for sharing this! Kind of want my whole house to look like a Moroccan tea party now…lol.

  20. Maria that is such a lovely idea. Having a tea party outside with all those colors and textures. I love that stencil on the table. Wow it makes all the difference.

  21. I loved this colorful, bright and vibrant party! Really beautiful! Thanks for joining us at the Family Joy Blog Link Up party. Pinned 🙂

  22. Love that table! And those brownies!! Yum! Looks like a relaxing place outside to have a tea party! You don’t think of “Moroccan”when you think “tea party,” but I like the look of yours, & I like your individuality!

  23. this is so pretty for spring! i LOVE the bold colors. how lucky you are to have such a nice space!

  24. The lush colours of this are so different than the usual Spring table sets. This is really beautiful. I love the setting What a gorgeous large yard. Pinning.

  25. Love this! A lovely place to sit down and enjoy a bite. The rug looks fabulous. Such a pretty setting. Aren’t tea parties fun? So happy to be sharing with you. Thanks for sharing your lovely table at DI&DI.

  26. So beautiful! I love the colors and that rug really makes it pop. I would love to hang out there all day!

  27. This is just so pretty Maria. Love how you have styled it all. I could see myself sitting here enjoying the beautiful view. 🙂 Sharing. x

    1. Thanks Maria, I hope you have a wonderful weekend with those beautiful kids of yours.
      Hugs Maria

  28. What? You’re eating outside already? Not fair! We still have snowbanks. Your tea party looks absolutely charming and inviting: I love the rich palette you used.

    1. So sorry to hear that you still have snow! I guess your spring comes late! But still enjoy your time anyway even in the snow, its super pretty over there in Canada.

  29. Your yard and decor are beautiful. I love everything about this Moroccan inspired tea party.
    Thanks for sharing at the Inspiration Spotlight party. Pinned & sharing.

  30. Your yard looks wonderful. I’m hoping to get mine in good shape this summer! Thanks for sharing this at #HomeMattersParty

  31. This is a fantastic idea! I love this spin on a tea party and I think I am starving because I would love one of those brownies! Thanks for linking up with Thursday Favorite Things – look for your feature this week. Bisous, Angelina & Peonies & Orange Blossoms

  32. The Moroccan theme works perfectly for an outdoor setting… and I agree with everyone else – those brownies look delicious!

    1. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. Have a wonderful weekend.

  33. Very Beautiful, beautiful art and painting! The photos were very good indeed, congratulations on the beautiful article! Hug!

  34. This is such a gorgeous setup! That rug is super pretty (and I want those brownies)!

    1. Thanks Farrah, I loved those rugs! I had to give them to my son because we had no room for them.

  35. Everything is so beautiful!! I can not wait until it gets nice around here!!

    1. Thanks, Susan, I am lucky becausethe weather is mild most of the time, but lately we have had frigid temps.

  36. Love the Moroccan look and that stencil is gorgeous.

    1. Thanks Claire. Wish I had that space here where I moved. I had lots of land back then.

  37. What a beautiful living space! So inviting! You did a wonderful job stenciling the design on the table. I could hang out in a space like this all day.

  38. It looks wonderful and inviting. You backyard looks very pretty. I like this decoration because it is easy and colorful and I love Morocco.

  39. That table still makes me go week at the knees 😀 Love, love, love your outdoor space Maria. I would be outside all day everyday

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