How To Refinish Outdoor Wood Furniture

I brought life to my outdoor furniture by stripping it and adding new stain. Here is an easy tutorial on how to refinish outdoor wood furniture.

How To Refinish Outdoor Wood Furniture

Easy Steps On How To Refinish Outdoor Wood Furniture

I love helping my kids by restoring old furniture and giving it to them. Outdoor furniture can get pretty beat up from the outside elements, therefore refinishing is the answer. For example I have this small outdoor table and chairs that needed overhaul. I decided to use the same color stain from my recent refinished project.(Table ) Since I decided to give this table set away, in other words it went to my son this time. He needed one for his outdoor porch.

Staining outdoor table:How To Refinish Outdoor Wood Furniture

Although you can use any stain for this project, you want to make sure the stain is dark enough to cover imperfections. Since the table is old a darker stain will work great to cover any stains that are permanent. I bought a book on refinishing furniture and it said darker stain are great for covering up.


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  • Rubber glove: I decided to use surgical gloves and it wasn’t as durable as rubber gloves
  • Stain: I love Minwax its the best
  • Cloth: I used cut up tee shirts, the best part it was free.

How To Refinish The Outdoor Furniture

Before I started staining, I cleaned up my garage. I had all my lawn equipment everywhere. Make sure your space you are working is clean and free from dirt. I sanded my table and chair as smooth as I could. There were still a bunch of stains that would not be removed. Thats why I was excited in using there darker stain.

sanding outdoor table:How To Refinish Outdoor Wood Furniture

I hosed down the furniture to get rid of any dirt and leaves. I noticed that there were leaves hidden inside the crevices. My husband who loves to give me advice suggested I use steel wool to remove any tough soil stains.

Once the furniture is dried. Start applying the stain. I am not fond of using brushes for staining, however I love cotton cloth. The cotton cloth absorb the stain quicker, for instance I was able to use the cloth over and over in areas that needed more stain. Make sure you use gloves, other wise you will need a manicure. I applied two coats. The second coat was lighter. My hands were tiring, therefore I had to take a break. If this happens to you and you feel it’s hard on your hand change to a foam brush.

After you apply the stain, let it dry for a day. The next day I applied some polyurethane in satin finish. There are many reason why I use polyurethane, above all its keeps the furniture sealed from outdoor elements.

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  1. Looks good as new again; great update Maria!

  2. Our outdoor furniture looks a little worse for wear after all these years, so your tutorial couldn’t have come at a better time. I was dreading staining them, but it doesn’t sound hard at all.

  3. Libbie@alifeunfolding says:

    Looks beautiful! A timely post for me to see. Now I will have to quit procrastinating! 🙂

  4. Maria, great job. I needed this! I’ about to refinish my Adirondack chairs. Thanks💙

  5. Oh that furniture looks so good with the new darker stain! This is a great project for any wood outdoor furniture!

  6. Beautiful job, Maria! I like how you took your time and it came out like new. It’s ready for Summer entertaining-love it!

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