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How To Make Your Own Decoupaged Gift Boxes With Chinoiserie Paper

Learn how to make your own decoupaged gift boxes with Chinoiserie paper.

Making a decoupage box is one of my favorite crafts. I have been hoarding gift boxes every time someone gives me a gift. I don’t know what it is but I can’t seem to throw them out. I am always thinking I can regift the box. Since I have so many I thought it is fun to decoupage them with chinoiserie paper and give them gifts or even better add them to my Etsy store. My Etsy store has lots of Chinoiserie gift ideas. But before eI do that I like to test them out with my friends and family like them. Meanwhile here is a tutorial on how to make decoupaged gift boxes with chinoiserie paper.


Step 1: Gather all the boxes and chinoiserie paper.

If you have any gift boxes such as jewelry, soap or and old boxes that would be perfect to decoupage. You can purchase gift boxes inexpensively on Amazon.

Step 2: Measure the paper

Measure each box and cut the chinoiserie paper according to the measurement. Add a thin layer of découpage glue. Dip your brush into the glue and paint a thin layer across the surface of the box. Work on one side at a time; don’t add glue to the whole box at once, as it will dry out.


I love how my gift boxes turn out. They are ready to add jewelry, soap, or anything you like. To make them even more pretty tie a bow around your boxes to make them even more stunning.

Now I have the perfect gift idea for Mother’s Day and it doesn’t take much time to make. For more decoupage projects check out my stylish tiles coasters.

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For Free Chinoiserie, Printable


  1. Maria,
    What lovely boxes!
    I do a lot of decoupaging for Christmas!
    A perfect craft to do while staying at home now!


  2. Such a great idea Maria…I love the ease of decoupage!

  3. I confess, it’s all your fault that I’ve gotten into Chinoiserie. I think it was your Christmas Stockings that did it, 😀 Love, this idea Maria. Everyone will want to save them.

  4. Hi Maria! I save tons of little boxes then think what can I do with them?? This is a great idea and a perfect way to use up leftover wallpaper, gift wrap and more. Thanks for a fun project idea!!! <3

    Happy spring to you,
    Barb 🙂

  5. Suzanne Sutherland says:

    Hi there,
    I subscribed for the printables here but nothing received.

    1. Thanks for letting me know, I changed the link so you can print it instead of subscribe. Here is the link to the post and click on the link and print out. let me know if that works, I tested it out and it worked for me.

  6. I love making them too! Do you have any tips on how to take the tops on and off without it hurting the psper?

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