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How To Make Tiles Into Stylish Coasters Perfect For Gift Ideas

How To Make Tiles Into Stylish Coasters Perfect For Gift Ideas

If you want to give the perfect gift for any time of the year, give the gift of a coaster set. These stylish coasters have a Mediterranean design on each coaster. The best part of using tiles you can use any leftover tile for coasters. I had these leftovers from my bathroom shower, but I needed more so I found the exact tiles at HomeDepot.

The process I used in making the coasters is called decoupage. You will need to print a colorful printable. Unfortunately, all color printers are not all suitable because once you add the glue the color will bleed. Because I am selling these on my Etsy store. I wanted everything to be perfectly clear. If you are planning to make these for yourself or even a gift for a friend or family. The bleeding part will be minimal and you can get away with it. So in that respect, any color printer will do. If you want to invest in a printer that the color does not bleed purchase an Epson printer. The link is below.

Let get started on how to make tiles into colorful coasters.



Step 1 Create and cut the printable.

I had to design an image with an editor that fit a 4 by 4. With photoshop I created a 4 by 4 design using some clip art I found on Etsy. Photoshop for me was the only editor that had the capability to create an image of that size. I spoke with canva and they said they are working on adding that capability of creating smaller size images.

It’s very important to cut the printable as straight as possible. A scissor will not be good enough so I purchased a paper trimmer. Place the 4 by 4 printable in the paper trimmer and cut away. It’s amazing how straight the edges are.

Step 2: Glue the printable on the tile.

I used regular paper instead of tissue or tracing paper for the printable. Trust me I experimented with both and the tissue paper and tracing paper and it created wrinkles on the tiles. The printer paper was perfect and no wrinkles. Let it dry for 30 minutes before spraying the topcoat.

Step 3: Spraying the protective topcoat.

This part you will require a mask and you can do it in your garage with the door open or a porch. I did mine on the porch. Place the tile on something high like an old bottle and spray 12 inches away from tile in a back and forth manner. Let dry for 30 minutes and repeat 4 times.

Step 4: Adding the cork packs

Before you add the cork back cure the tiles for a few days. Turn the tile over and I  spread lightly a little liquid nail on each cork. Place the cork on the backside and turn it over and place a heavy object for 30 minutes to give it time to dry. Liquid nail work fast and I tried a few other adhesives and they didn’t work well with the cork. You can find corks with self-adhesives. I have not tried them but will be planning to.

For more ideas with decoupaging. Check out my recycle Starbucks bottles that can be used as pretty vases.



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