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6 Botanical Printables That Can Be Used for Gift Wrapping.

Want to create something charming for gift wrapping. Here are 6 botanical printables that can be used for wrapping.

If you want to save a ton of money. Print your wrapping paper by using botanical printables. They are perfect for small gift ideas. I am having so much fun creating some unique wrapping paper for my gift-giving. There are so many choices I offer in this post. If you need a good color printer and don’t have one. Try the Epson color printer. 

How To Wrap A Gift With Botanical Printables

  • Whatever gift it is make sure you cut the gift wrapping paper so that the ends will meet the top of the gift.
  • You don’t want the paper to overlap, so use a ruler and pencil to cut the dimensions correctly.
  • Use small strips of clear scotch tape.
  • For example for wrapping the soaps I cut a piece of tissue paper the same size of the paper and lay the soap on top of the tissue and then wrap it.
  • I added a strip of white ribbon to make the soap look pretty.

6 Botanical Printables

  1. Orange Flower Printable

2. Pink Blossom Printable

Black and white floral printables perfect for gift wrapping:Botanical Printables

3. Black and White Flower Printable

This one is unique because you can paint it with water colors or leave plain. It is perfect for a whimsical look.

4 Blue Hydrangea Printable

This is my favorite flower so any gift will look beautiful gift-wrapped in this.

5. Blue Hydrangea and Rose Printable

botanical printable6 Botanical Printables That Can Be Used for Gift Wrapping.

6. Botanical Printable

This one was designed for me. It’s a beautiful watercolor of array of botanical flowers.

Iris printable for gift wrapping:Botanical Printables

7. White Narcissus Flower Printable

Love this one because its a simple yet classic botanical flower perfect for a wedding or anniversary gift wrapping.

Need any labels print these. Printable gift labels

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  1. Those are truly adorable! What a sweet idea and so personal. I hope I run across some of those little baskets somewhere – I’d want them for myself. I’m going to post this to my Facebook page!

  2. So pretty Maria dare I say they can be used for weddings too?

  3. Beautiful printables, Maria! The vintage look is so on trend… light and airy! Pinned!

  4. Maria these are adorable (love the wire baskets too!), and the labels are practical too, which I love. Thank you for the printables and this idea!

  5. These are so pretty Marie, I really live your printable. The hydrangea and Rose is my favourite.

  6. Oh, Maria! These are so lovely. I LOVE botanical prints. Your choices would be so pretty on any gift. Thanks for the printables and beautiful ideas.

  7. Oh my, these are gorgeous Maria. I’ve shared the black and white one with my step-mom. She loves coloring in and will have hours of fun customizing that one.

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