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18 Holiday Recycled Gift Wrapping Ideas

If you love recycling holiday gift wrapping leftovers like me than you will adore 18 holiday recycled gift wrapping ideas.

Recycled gift wrapping ideas:17 Holiday Recycled Gift Wrapping Ideas

Every year I gather all the gift wrapping material family tear off from the gifts and see what I can salvage. It’s normally ribbon, ornaments, and pretty bags. Let’s take it to the next level and see what these 17 talented bloggers recycle to gift wrap for the holidays or any time of the year.

Recycled Gift Wrapping Ideas

For me I have been using leftover wallpaper to wrap gifts, its durable and there is always lots of it.

Wrapping paper:17 Holiday Recycled Gift Wrapping Ideas

Christine from DIY Dreamer blew me away with making greenery wrapping paper. When I looked at her picture of the wrapped gift I thought it was real pine clipping on the printer paper but she had placed the greenery onto the scanner. Hit print and viola.

Dukes and Duchess discovered you can take vintage sewing patterns and create wrapping paper. I never would have thought it would make the most charming wrapping paper.

The Dollar tree stores have the best ideas for DIY. Heather from Heathered Nest has a cool idea using Dollar Tree bandanas for small gift wrapping. I love the look and it only cost $1

Here is a pretty clever idea from Pretty Handy Girl. When you are picking paint colors saves those paint chip because they make a darling gift box.

Our Crafty Mom makes super creative Christmas wrapping paper using shipping paper and the popular Chalk Couture.

Love the nostalgic look. Here is lovely way to dress up gift wrapping by using vintage finds such as post cards, crochet doilies and vintage jewelry. Marinanne from Songbird Nest for years has been collecting stuff from flea markets and what a stash she has.

I love this idea from Organized 31 of using a turtle neck sweaters to create a wonderful way to wrap a gift.

For a perfectly wrapped present using brown paper. Brooke from Farmhouse 1820 did a great video on wrapping presents like a pro.

With little paint, nature and recycle brown paper you have a work of art in Hearth and Vine wrapping paper Ideas.

Oh! how I love DIY’s with book pages. In this cute gift wrapping idea, Jenn and Vicky from 2 Bees in a Pod take sheets of book pages and create a tag cut outs for a stylish gift wrapping idea.

Angie from Post Card from The Ridge uses sheet music to create a lovely way to wrap gifts for the holidays.

I like reusing material from other projects Michelle From Thistle Key Lane does exactly this. She takes material from her other holiday projects and uses them to create a simple and pretty gift wrapping idea.

Have any old newspapers? They make great wrapping paper. See how its done in my tutorial.

Newspaper wrapping paper:17 Holiday Recycled Gift Wrapping Ideas

Sustain My Craft Habit uses fabric to create a cute wine gift bag. You have to see how it’s done.

Burlaps fabric are great organic ways to make gift wrapping ideas. Susan from Homeroad makes the cutest gift bag.

Burlap gift wrapping ideas:17 Holiday Recycled Gift Wrapping Ideas

Michele from A Crafty Mix adds little denim to create a unique insert to be placed on a gift. Perfect for adding a personal note.

Demin wrapping paper:17 Holiday Recycled Gift Wrapping Ideas

18: Brown Paper bags are great for last minute gift wrapping ideas.

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17 Holiday Recycled Gift Wrapping Ideas


  1. So many great ideas Maria! I’m eager to put on some Christmas tunes and get wrapping. Merry Christmas!

  2. Vicki and Jenn says:

    WOW Maria! So many creative and beautiful gift wrapping ideas. Thanks for sharing our book page cutouts. Merry Christmas!

  3. Great ideas! There’s such an art in gift wrapping.

  4. Whoa! this is dangerous, Maria! The recycling wrap is so beautful that I don’t want to open the gifts -:D!

  5. You’ve just made my day Maria, I’ve been searching for new recycling ideas to wrap our pressies this year. I would far rather spend money on what’s inside the wrapping than the wrapping. Thank you

  6. Rebecca Payne says:

    Great ideas. Thank you for sharing.

  7. What a wonderful round up of wrapping ideas. The burlap sack is one of my favorites now, but I love them all. Maria, we do live only 15 mins from the city of Poughkeepsie. It’s so beautiful here in the Hudson River Valley. Next time you’re up this way we can grab some coffee in the Garden House.

  8. It’s so fun to decorate gifts in unique ways. Especially with recycled items. Thanks for the inspiration, Maria. This is an awesome round up.

  9. This is the best round up for wrapping ideas Maria! Thanks so much for sharing my ticking boxes and gift tags! Happy Christmas! Pinning!

    1. For sure! I have been looking for more ideas today in fact when I found these cute little gift boxes from last year.

  10. Loved all of these ideas! Diana from Adirondack Girl at Heart upcycles knit scarves into gift bags. I sew simple ones, sewing a coordinating ribbon into the side seam. I buy cloth and ribbon after Christmas-preferrably 70% off ! Thrifted tablecloths have LOTS of hems already sewn, I have used plastic pearls, braid, ornaments on short chains, the ends of beaded ribbons, etc. for ties. I have also covered cereal and smaller boxes with wrapping paper to make gift bag/boxes with ribbon/fat yarn handles and matching tag. Wrapped toilet paper tubes with the ends pushed in to make a pillow pac for jewelry or gift cards is slick, too! We no longer fill the woodstove 4x with wrapping paper to consider it a good Christmas!

    1. Such great ideas! the possibilities are endless. Have a wonderful holiday Kathy!

  11. Love all the ideas here, especially the greenery one. Personally, I love to receive gifts wrapped in unique recycled ways.

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