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How to Paint Over Bright Colored Furniture-Dresser Makeover

A step by step guide on how to paint over bright-colored furniture-dresser makeover.

I  love redoing furniture pieces. This dresser I had in my guest room was a bright turquoise. I painted it  5 years ago and now I want to change it to white. I am redecorating my guest room and the white would be perfect since the walls are blue.

Ironically I remember when I painted this dresser turquoise it was originally white.

To paint something from bright to neutral color it takes a few steps but if you follow my step by step guide it will be easy to transform to the new color.

 Before we get to the steps of painting bright colored furniture, you will need these items.


      • primer
      • chalk
      • drop cloth
      • paintbrushes
      • sander

      • Directions:

        Step 1: Sanding is the key to the first step of painting over a bright-color. I used a fine sandpaper and with my Ridgid sander, I sanded lightly everwhere. The idea is to take the sheen away so the white paint will adhere to the turquoise paint.

        Step 2: Afterwards wipe down the dresser with a damp cloth. Make sure all the dust is gone inside and out.

        Step 3: Remove all the hardware from the dresser before painting.

        Step 4: Set down the drop cloth before you start to paint. I applied the primer with a brush. Make sure you cover all the nooks and crannies. I just needed one coat of primer.

        Step 5: I started painting the top of the dresser. Take small sections at a time using a large brush. For smaller areas like the front of the drawer use a smaller brush. After you cover one coat over the entire dresser let it dry overnight and paint a second coat. Make sure the room is ventilated with the windows or doors open. Watch out for drips after each stroke especially around the edge of the dresser.

        Step 6: Once the furniture is completely dried. Apply the second coat. I started with smaller areas like drawers. them on to nooks and crannies.

        Here are the before and after pictures. I am really excited about the outcome. I truly enjoy transforming furniture pieces, it is truly rewarding.


        I hope I inspired you to transform your furniture pieces. My last piece of advice when you are repainting a piece of furniture is to take your time and don’t rush. Painting furniture for me is very relaxing and it can be for you if you too.

        Below are some more helpful products that will make repainting furniture easier.

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        Also, check out my Painting video using the Wagner Sprayer.



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