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Handmade Mediterranean Style Coasters In Mix Pattern

If you like to give the perfect gift. Give the gift of coasters. These handmade Mediterranean style coaster in mix pattern will add charm to any table or party.

coasters: Handmade Mediterranean Style Coasters In Mix Pattern

I have been having a great time coming up with gift ideas for my Etsy Store. It has been almost 8 months since I opened up the shop and things are going great. My shop is all about Capri, Italy. Everything there has a Mediterranean vibe. Lots of lemons, fish, and floral designs. I thought I share how I created my Mediterranean style coasters. They have been popular for gift ideas such as Fathers’ day, Mother’s day, and wedding showers.  Here is how I made them.

supplies: Handmade Mediterranean Style Coasters In Mix Pattern

I found a mixture of tiles in different designs in different places. It is very hard to find them cheap and some are broken. But I lucked out and found some on Amazon and eBay.


  • Tile
  • Sander
  • Cork Backing

cork back: Handmade Mediterranean Style Coasters In Mix Pattern


  1.  The first thing you need to do is sand the edges. Some of the tiles are sharp. With heavy sandpaper sand, down the sides of the edge slowly and carefully without touching the design area.

Cork Back

2. I was able to find cork backing that came in the same size as the tiles. It is hard to find but I purchased enough to last a few months. Paste the corks on the back evenly. Let dry for a few hours. You can purchase rolls of cork and cut them the same size as the tile. Use a good adhesive to paste them on the back of the tile. E6000 is good glue. This way of cutting them is cheaper and you can find rolls of cork much easier than already than cork backs.

3. Once the tiles are dry you can wrap them up for gifts with a pretty ribbon. I add a silver coaster charm to every coaster I sell. The charms can be used on bracelets or necklaces.

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For more where to purchase these coasters. Check out my Etsy Store.


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