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How To Make Pine Cone Flowers Painted

My pine cone flowers is super easy to make and your home will look charming. This is a nature craft great for any season. All you need is pine cones, drill, wooden dowels, glue and paint.

Pine Cone Flowers Painted

When I was a child I loved watching my mom make beautiful pine cone crafts. My favorite was her pinecone wreath. If you want to make something with pine cones try this cute craft

Here is another pine cone craft. Easter is approaching and this is a great project to do with kids. Pine cone Easter bunnies.

What Kind of Pine Cones Are The Best

The best pine cones to use are a mixture of small and medium size ones. I find most of my pine cones on the ground near where I live. You can purchase them online though Amazon. Make sure the pine cones are open.

My mom always used the ones she found on the ground. She would put them in the oven to get rid of any bugs. I would suggest to put them inside the oven as well. Put inside the oven at low heat. 250 degrees.

Why You Will Love Pine cone Flowers PAinted

  • They are super easy to make.
  • They make your tables look beautiful.
  • Pine cone is a natural and rustic element to add to your home.
  • They are free and you can find them on the ground.
  • If you like you can make a centerpiece filled with pine cone flowers as a gift for friend.

Supplies To Pine Cone Flowers

  • Drill: I used a Dremel but you can use any drill that you may have. The drill bit should be small enough to make a small hole for a dowel.
  • Paint: I used acrylic paint and an artist brush.

Check out the Youtube video on Making Pinecone flowers.

How To Make Pine Cone Flowers

  1. I started with the Dremel or you can use any drill. Drill small hole in the middle of the bottom of the pine cone.

2. Put a small amount of hot glue in the hole and push the dowel in the hole. Let dry for a few minutes before painting.

3. After you have inserted the dowel in the pine cone, you can start painting the tips with paint. I used an artist brush and my favorite colors of blue and white. When painting the tips make sure you paint the sides and about 1/2 inch of the tips of the pine cone. Let it dry and you can place in a vase.

What Kind Of Vase To use For Pine Cone Flowers Painted.

I made about 20 pine cone flowers and loved how they look together in a vase. I kept some of the pinecones plain and loved how they mixed with the painted ones.

Depending how big the dowel you used will depend on the size of vase. I used the 12 inch dowel and I pick a relatively tall vase to place them. You can use a single flower vase like you would use for a rose and add the pine cone flower in it.

You can place the vase in the center of a dining room table or a coffee table.

What are the best Paints To Use

There are many types of paints out there. The best kind of paint that will give good color is acrylic paint. Water color paint is light weight and will not stay on pine cone very well.

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