DIY Wood Slice Photo Ornaments

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If you love rustic holiday decor. Then these DIY wood slice photo ornaments are perfect for you. They make great gifts for your family.

DIY Wood Slice Photo Ornaments

I love celebrating the holidays with photos of my family. This year I made these adorable slice wood photo ornaments.

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What ARE Wood SLices

Wood slices are small branches that are sliced up thinly. You can find them already sliced and pre drilled hole on amazon. If you choose to slice them up ourself pine branch are the easiest to slice up with a small hand saw. After you slice them you can treat them by soaking them in bleach diluted with water for a for 20 minutes and them let them air dry. The bleach will lighten them up so when you add the picture you can see the colors more brilliantly. To make a hole in the slice wood ornament you can drill a small hole for the string.

Why You Will Love Wood Slice Ornaments

  • It is easy to attach to make.
  • They make your tree look rustic.
  • It’s natural looking ornament.
  • A great gift idea for the holidays.

Supplies: DIY Wood SLice Photo Ornament

  • Wood slices I used the 3 inch wide wood slices I found at Amazon. Made of natural wood with barks and round. They are pre drilled with a hole. 
  • Modpodge : This is what I use to glue the photo on the wood slice.
  • Printing paper: I found that the printing paper worked the best compared to tissue. Tissue was delicate when I added the modpodge and the ink would bleed.
  • Twine Any ribbon or string to hang the ornaments.

How To Make DIY Wood SLice Photo Ornaments

  1. I used a canva template and printed the photo of my family.here is the link to the canva template
  2. Cut out the photos and place on the slice wood. Make sure the picture is straight and below the hole. If not use a small pin to push through the paper and hole.

3. Apply modpodge on the slice wood and place the photo over it. Carefully smooth out the photo leaving no bubbles. I tried using tissue paper but it kept tearing on me.

slice wood with glue on it

4. Apply a few thin coats of modpodge drying in between coats.

a bunch of wood slice photo ornaments on table

5. Let dry and add the ribbon or string to hang ornament.

wood slice ornament on table

I am so excited the way the wood slice ornaments came out.

slice wood ornaments hanging on tree

Next I found a small tree and hung the wood slice ornaments everywhere.

slice wood photo ornament on tree

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diy wood slice photo ornaments

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