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How To Hang Terracotta Flower Pots: Tuscany Style

Learn how to hang Tuscan terracotta flower pots: Tuscany style on your house exterior for a dream like setting.

How To Hang Tuscan Inspired Terracotta Flower Pots

How To Hang Terracotta Flowers Pots

Have you ever been to Tuscany and admire all the cute terracotta flowers pots hanging from people’s home exterior. Want to get a similar look by hanging flower pots on your home and create this look just like in Tuscany. You don’t have to hang as many as you see in this picture but you can hang them under your window sill or near a porch area. You get the picture.

Supplies Needed:

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Anchors
  • 6 inch Flower Pots
  • Perennial flowers of your choice
How to hang tuscan inspired terracotta flower pots:

How To Hang Terracotta Flowers Pots:

If the outside of your home is made of wood or brick and you are attempting to hang flower pots. The trick is to find something that you can screw into the exterior and make them stay. When you try to install the screws into the bricks the brick may crumble. Using a carbon bit in your power drill will prevent any crumbling of the hole.

The terracotta flower clip is a great way to hang the flower pots without much fuss. Just need to use the right drill and bits.

  1. Insert a 5/32-inch carbide drill bit into a power drill. Use 1/4-inch masonry screws or galvanized screws.

2. Drill holes in the brick or wood for each screw.

3. Install an anchor with a Phillips head screwdriver. (Easier for me control anchor or screw.

4. Install the flowers pot clips per instructions.

Terracotta flower pot clips:How To Hang Tuscan Inspired Terracotta Flower Pots

After you hang clay pots fill pots with potting soil and your favorite perennials.

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  1. Wow this is so creative and colorful!!! Love!

    1. Thank you for the stop by, I love anything tuscany, the colors are fabulous! So happy you stopped by!
      Thanks Maria

    2. Thanks for the the stop by.. If you ever need any tips to make this diy please let me know

    3. Im really happy you read my Post on tuscany, it always maked me happy to get a comment!

    1. You have to try to make an effort to go one time in your life! Its amazing place.. thanks for visiting my blog

    2. Hello Jeanette, Its quite the place Tuscany, I love making projects with this region in mind! Thanks for stopping by


  2. What a creative post. My family and I travel to the Tuscan region annually and love the style. Look forward to trying this method on our beach house

    1. I love tuscany and Its the most beautiful place to live, I think, its just filled with Historically beauty and people are so nice and very laid back.
      Thanks for visiting my site.

  3. I love this look! It would be so much fun to come home to this every day:)

    1. Hi Ginnie,
      Thanks for stopping by, would it be great to come to this every day! Im building a new home and im going to do this in a small area of my home.. Have a great weekend! Mria

  4. Thank you so much Maria for nominating me for the award, I am really honoured x

    1. Thanks Jeannetteann,

      I also was honored when I was nominated, it take a few days to answer all the questions and write a post about it. But once its done you can copy and paste the Liebster Award to your Blog! Its really worth the time and its very popular award and has a nice meanning!
      If you have any questions you can ask me

    1. Yeah! ITs a great way to hang the pots anywhere! I love it and thanks for stopping by! Lots of hugs Maria

  5. If your house is brick, drill the holes into the mortar vice the brick. Drilling directly into the bricks will cause them to shatter and they are more difficult to repair than mortar holes.

    1. Thanks for your comment!

      There is a special drill bit you have to use it’s in the post.. Yes it will shatter if you don’t use the special drill bit..


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