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How To Gift Wrap Stylishly Using Brown Paper Bags

Here is a recycle holiday wrapping paper idea using brown paper bags. All you need is paper bags, ribbon and tape. If you run out of wrapping paper this is a great alternative.


When I was a child my mom wrapped our books with brown paper bags. They always looked so clean and simple. I love the look of gifts wrapped in brown paper. My favorite is using fancy ribbons to make the brown bag look stylish. The next time you need to wrap a gift grab a paper bag and use it as wrapping paper.

Here is another post that that can teach you how to wrap gifts using newspapers as gift wrapping paper.

the brown paper Bag

Brown paper bags are mostly kraft paper that is either virgin or recycled. Most bags are recycled. There are so many uses for them such as shopping carrier bags, for packaging. You can make all kinds of crafts such as my Easter basket.

Why You Will Love using Brown Paper bags for Gift wrapping.

  • Its free
  • Since you are recycling paper bags, its helps the environment.
  • They will add a unique flair to your gift wrapping.


supplies brown paper bag

How To wrap With Brown PAper Bag

  1. Cut out the paper bag

2. Place the gift on top of the brown paper. Depending on the size of gift typically a brown paper bag is good for small to medium size gifts. They do sell brown paper in rolls which is typically used for packaging but I have used it as well for wrapping gifts.

cutting brown paper bag

3. Tape up the gift. Make sure you tape all ends tightly. Brown paper tend to wrinkle easily.

taping brown paper bag
taping the brown paper

Add some stylish ribbon and embellishments to jazz the brown paper. I save my ribbon from last year holiday season and used it for jazzing up the gifts.

brown paper bag

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  1. Naomi Shelton says:

    I love the idea of using brown paper bags to wrap gifts as they can be recycled afterwards. Recently I have wanted to stop using commercial wrapping paper as it just has to be thrown in the trash so I have used blank newprint and decorated it with stamps or markers. But I think the brown paper bag alternative is great. I wish more people would think about how much un-recyclable trash is created by commercial wrapping paper and use these alternatives. Thanks for posting on this subject.

    1. I agree, I actually go as far as carefully saving large sheets of wrapping paper from gifts that are already wrapped. As you can imagine I drive people nuts at family gathering. Merry Christmas :))

  2. Always have loved craft paper / paper bag to wrap! It’s so versatile and potential for beauty.

  3. Erin Shanklin says:

    This will be my second year that I have used recycled paper bags instead of purchasing wrapping paper. I have been rubber stamping on them, but I love the plain look as well. I also take plain brown bags and make my own gift bags; I simply fold in an inch or 2 at the top and punch holes and use cording for a handle. And I use recycled Christmas cards for gift tags.

    1. I wish more people did that too, hopefully posts like this will spread the word, I am doing one on Newspaper wrapping paper.Merry Christmas

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