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Easy Wrapping Paper Alternatives Even My Hubby Can Do

If you ever glance at the presents under the tree and find one that was wrapped so sloppy that you immediately knew it must have been your husband or son. I am sure there might be a few men out there that can wrap well, but it’s not in my family.

There are many choices out there for wrapping paper. I dug around my attic to see what I could use for easy wrapping paper alternative and I found lots of possibilities. I had a bunch of Graham and Brown wallpaper leftover from a previous project. I was pleasantly surprised at how pretty they turned out!


Step 1: What You Need

  • Wallpaper
  • Ribbon
  • Holiday ornaments
  • Matching labels
  • Beading string


Step 2: Cutting

Take your gift boxes and place them on the wallpaper. What’s great about this wallpaper it does not wrinkle when you are cutting and handling the paper. For this reason, I thought it was a great option for my husband and son. With a quick demonstration, I showed them and even left a bunch of already cut samples for them to use for the holidays. They actually were interested in how wrinkle free this paper was.


Step 3: Tape & Ribbon

Use plain scotch tape on the ends, no need for glue when wrapping the wallpaper. When tying the ribbon make sure you add scotch tape under the ribbon to keep it secure so it does not slide off.


Step 4: Add Ornament & Tag

I  attached a pretty unbreakable ornament fasten with a strong beading string that is invisible. The key is to jazz the wallpaper with pretty ribbons and ornaments. Add a tag that matches your wrapping paper. I guarantee your gifts will be the talk of the holiday party!



If you are like me and have a pair of well-meaning boys in the house who need a lesson or two on wrapping a gift, think of my post. Check out more wrapping paper ideas using paper bags and newspaper.


Thanks! Graham& Brown for a wonderful year as your brand ambassador. 

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    1. I love the way the white and the ornaments compliment each other, I’m happy I went for white on white.

  1. what a lovely idea, they do have beautiful wallpaper and home accessories at Graham & Brown. Thank you for your continurd friendship and for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop my friend. You will be featured tomorrow xo

    1. Thanks for the wonderful feature! you are such a true friend and so happy to have you in my life. Maria

  2. When my daughter was in junior high (she’s 36 now), I was aghast to come home and find that she was using my 1 roll of white embossed wallpaper to cover her schoolbooks. I had earmarked it for doll house “tin” ceilings. She was doing a good thing and I was yelling at her; all other wallpaper had always been fair game to use before! I used patterned wall paper 40+ years ago to wrap gifts but that pristine white is the most elegant look I have seen! Class act!

    1. That’s amazing about your daughter. It be fun to show her this post. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

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