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12 CreatiVe Ways To Wrap Gifts With Newspaper

Even though newspapers are not as popular as they use to be, you can still find them. I still get the New York Times and I thought it be fun to recycle them into wrapping paper. Check out 12 creative ways to wrap gifts with newspaper.

Use vintage newspaper:creative ways to wrap gifts with newspaper

12 Creative Ways To Wrap Gifts With Newspaper

Have you ever been in a bind and ran out of wrapping paper. For me, it happens all the time during the holidays and it’s very frustrating. So if you agree let’s get creative with recyclable wrapping paper with newspaper.  I love the look of printed paper it so unique.

Where To Find Newspapers.

  • Go get newspaper at your new stands. or books stores.
  • There are free newspapers at random newstands in your local towns.
  • You can ask a neighbor for newspapers if you don’t get it.

If you can’t find a newspaper you can use brown paper bags. How to gift wrap stylishly with brown paper bags .

Wrapping in newspaper:creative ways to wrap gifts with newspaper

Supplies for Newspaper wrapping paper.

  1. Newspaper
  2. Ribbon
  3. Ornaments
  4. Jute string

How To Wrap a Gift with Newspaper

  1. Grab a sheet of newspaper and tape it tightly around the gift.
  2. You can use any style of ribbon to jazz up the newspaper.

f you want an unforgettable wrapping paper here are 15 gift wrapping ideas using newspaper. What makes these gifts wrapped in newspaper are the embellishments they use. You can see how unique each of these below are. Let me know which ones you like the best. I love all of them but the New York Times gift really pops with the colorful decoration on them.

Use masking tape:creative ways to wrap gifts with newspaper

Reading My Tea Leaves

Elizabeth Joan Designs

Constantly Stamping

Use beads:creative ways to wrap gifts with newspaper

Spark &. Chemistry

Blue ribbons:creative ways to wrap gifts with newspaper

Lia Griffin

Crafty Critique

Made By Marizapan


Cup of Jo

NY Times

Simple Nature Decor

Pin This For LAter

creative ways to wrap gifts with newspaper

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  1. This is so cool! I have never seen metal cut out ornaments like that, where did you find them? Love your tree!

    1. It was such a great find. I found them at Michaels in the clearance section, I love them. Thanks Maria

  2. I love your up-cycle newsprint wrapping paper ideas.
    Merry Christmas,

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