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How To Arrange and Hang Decorative Baskets

Add a natural and unique look to your wall with baskets.  Here is an easy DIY on how to arrange and hang decorative baskets on your wall.

Decorate your wall with baskets: How To Arrange and Hang Decorative Baskets

How To Easily Arrange and Hang Decorative Baskets

I finally collected enough baskets to hang them on my wall. I found them at flea markets, thrift stores, and a few online. Having many different sizes makes it even more unique visual. If you having a hard time finding affordable baskets eBay, Etsy, and Amazon have may have some deals. I actually found a few small ones at the $ store.

Measure the wall: How To Arrange and Hang Decorative Baskets

Step 1

Find a wall you would like to hang baskets. Measure the wall from one end to the other. Divide that number in half and that will be the center where you will use to start hanging the baskets. Make sure you go 4 inches from the bottom of the center of the wall. From there you will hang the first one in the center and work out from that point.

Center the basket: How To Arrange and Hang Decorative Baskets

Step 2: Use Command strips To hang baskets

Wipe the wall with alcohol before you add the command strips. Separate strips and click strips together. Remove one of the liners and stick on the very top of the baskets and press firmly.  Press firmly on the wall. Remove the basket from the strip to reinforce strips. Then an hour later put the baskets back on. I found that the perfect location to add the command strips was the very top of the baskets.

Step 3: 

Make sure you keep baskets about one inch apart from each other.

How To Arrange and Hang Decorative Baskets


When you are creating a design for the baskets lay them out on the floor to get an idea of your layout and how you want the design to appear on the wall. I truly love this look and I plan on collecting more and adding them to my bedroom wall. You can really add them to any space. It truly creates a natural accent for decorating.

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  1. Rebecca Payne says:

    Cleaver idea. I have done baskets on my wall in the past. I found mine at Goodwill’s.

  2. I love how the baskets look. It’s such a different take on a typical “frame filled” gallery wall.

  3. I never come across such gorgeous baskets; I think I have to look harder because I love how this looks!

  4. I have been collecting baskets for something similar. I love your style. And, duh! Why didn’t I think of using command strips? Awesome idea, Maria. Thanks for your tips and tricks.

    1. Thanks so far they are holding up. another trick is to pull wire through them and use a hanger over nail.

  5. Your baskets are lovely. Thank you for sharing tips on how to hang them.
    Have a great day,

  6. Pat Markley says:

    Don’t even need to go through all that. I use steel stick pins that I use for sewing. If you don’t like the placement, move the pin. The pin barely makes a hole that you can’t run your finger over to make disappear!

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