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15 DIY Basket Storage Ideas That You Will Love

Baskets have so many useful ideas. One of my favorite ways to use baskets is by using them for storage around the house. Get organized with these 15 DIY Basket storage ideas that you will love.

Different ways to decorate with storage baskets:15 DIY Basket Storage Ideas That You Will Love

15 DIY Basket Storage Ideas That You Will Love

Beginning of every year organizing seems to be on everyone’s mind. It’s a way to start the new year off in a positive way. Decluttering is a great way to clear the mind as well as the house. One of my favorite storage ideas is using baskets in creative way to make things tidy and pretty. I am sure somewhere in your home you will find a variety of different baskets that you too can create something unique for your storage needs. Enjoy these 15 basket ideas from 15 creative bloggers.

Decorate Storage Baskets for Stylish Shelving: Simple Nature Decor

Here I took a few baskets and covered them with embellishment such as buttons, ribbon and burlap. I created a stylish storage baskets to jazz up the storage closet.

decorating baskets:15 DIY Basket Storage Ideas That You Will Love

Decorative Storage Basket: In My Own Style

Have you ever seen how much baskets cost at places like Pottery Barn, a small fortune. Diane uses cheap baskets found at thrift stores and makes them look classy with stylish labels.

Stackable Laundry Basket Storage: House of Handmade

Kati is such a talent when it comes to woodworking. This fabulous built in for her laundry room baskets is perfect for storage and organizing laundry. I want one!

How To Make A Farmhouse Basket From $1 Store Laundry Basket: Our Crafty Mom

This is one on my bucket list to make. Make this lovely farmhouse basket from a $1 store laundry basket. It is quite the transformation.

Baskets For Playroom: Jennifer Maune

Baskets can really make a space look tidy and stylish. I really love how Jennifer transformed her built ins. Everything is in its place and easy to find using baskets.

DIY Fabric Scraps Storage Basket : A Butterfly House

This is what I need for my scraps of fabric. Make this stylish fabric storage basket from tomato cage and drop cloth. So genius!

DIY Metallic Storage Basket: Lydi Out Loud

Would you believe that this was a dollar store laundry basket and now its a lovely rope basket.

How To Make Pom Pom Basket: My 100 Year Old Home

I love the look of Pom Poms, especially on this lovely basket in shades of pink. Its a beautiful basket that can be placed anywhere in the home. Fill it with your favorite magazines or maybe a great place for your blanket throw.

Basket Makeover For Spring: Artsy Chicks Rule

Nancy brings life to a vintage basket by staining it a lovely shade of grey.
It perfect for storing flowers, picnics in the sun or just laying it on the floor by the chair.

Essential Oils Storage Basket: SongBird

What a lovely way to store your essential oils with a lovely basket filled with the most delicious oils. Great way to keep them safe and secure.

Styling Built ins With Baskets: Momcrieff

Brighten your built ins with painted baskets. Its a great way to bring new life to the old baskets.

Organize A Bathroom Closet with Baskets: Chatfield Closet

Have you ever thought about how to create compartments inside a basket. Here is a smart way to make wooden dividers for your basket. Its perfect for keeping your bathroom stuff tidy.

Hanging Baskets: Home Road

This is the cutest upcycle using a wired basket and a coat hanger. There are so many things you can store in this hanging basket. Hang a dish towel, potted flowers, or even in the bathroom hang it with fresh towels.

Hanging wired basket:15 DIY Basket Storage Ideas That You Will Love

Organized Storage Closet Using Baskets and Tags: Sandra’s Ark

Sandra creates the cutest storage area with a group of lovely baskets and tags to keep everything super organized. Simple and sweet is all is you need for an organized space.

Baskets with tags for storage ideas:15 DIY Basket Storage Ideas That You Will Love

Perfect Storage Basket Hacks: Chas Crazy Creations

If your on a tight budget there is so many things you can do with wired baskets and not spend a fortune Take a few command strips and 2 small wired baskets for a few bucks and you have a pair of hanging storage baskets in matter of minutes. You can store toilet paper and smaller bathroom essentials.

Wired baskets on the wall:15 DIY Basket Storage Ideas That You Will Love

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15 DIY Basket Storage Ideas That You Will Love


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  4. Great ideas here for baskets. I am lovin that hanger basket. Pinned!

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