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How To Make Fabric Gift Baskets You Will Love

Here is a cute way to jazz up any gift. Check how to make fabric gift baskets you will love.

Fabric gift baskets: How To Make Fabric gift Baskets You Will Love

How To Sew A Fabric Basket

I am in love with these fabric gift baskets I discovered on Etsy. They make great gift baskets for baby showers or storage ideas in your home. You can make them in any fabric of your choice. The possibilities are endless. Here is a tutorial that is very easy to follow.

Fabric gift baskets for baby gifts: How To Make Fabric gift Baskets You Will Love

Supplies To Make Fabric Baskets

  1. Fabric: Two kinds of fabric one for the outside and lining.
  2. Interfacing: Decor bond is good to keep the fabric stiff
  3. Sewing Machine
  4. Scissors: Make sure the scissors are sharp
  5. Pen
Supplies for fabric gift baskets:How To Make Fabric gift Baskets You Will Love

Directions On How To Make Fabric Gift Baskets:

Step 1: Make a Pattern

There are several sizes you can make. This is 7 X 6 inches its considered a medium size basket. Cut the pattern 17 X 15 and then cut 4.5 square on each corner.

Step 2: Iron on the interface onto the fabric

Before you cut out the pattern you will need to interface the fabric with decor bond. You will need two pieces of fabric one for outside and lining. Cut them 18 X 22 inches. This will give you enough fabric for the pattern. Cut the interfacing smaller than the fabric. Iron the decor bond with the shiny side down and hold iron moving it slowly over the fabric.

Decor bond Fabric baskets:How To Make Fabric Baskets You Will Love

Step 3: Cut Patterns

Place the pattern on the fabrics you just interfaced and take a pen outline the pattern to be cut out. Cut out the pattern carefully.

Cut patterns:How To Make Fabric Baskets You Will Love

Step 4: Iron seams

On each end of the cut out fabric, iron 3/4 inch on the narrow side and 1/2 inch on the large end.

Step 6: Make The Handles

Measure 7 X 2 inches long on piece of fabric, cut interfacing a little smaller. Iron on the interfacing (decor bond). Fold along the length of the fabric on each side. Fold over each of the sides indicated by the arrow in the picture. Then fold over again and sew on both sides of the handle

7: Sewing The Handle

Sew the handle to each end of the narrow part of the pattern you cut out.

Step 8: Sewing The Corners

Take each 4 corners and sew them up. Make sure they are inside out before you sew.

Turn them the right side and see how cute they are forming. I love the handles.

Step 9: Sew The Lining.

Sew the corners of the lining the same way you did the outside part.

template for fabric gift baskets

Step 9: Insert lining

Insert lining inside the main basket. When inserting the lining make sure its right side out and insert into the main basket

Step 10: Sew The Seams:

Fold over both seam on each of the lining and outside part of basket. Once they line up sew them carefully together.

sewing fabric gift baskets

I am so excited how I turned out for my first fabric basket. If you want to make it large just double the size.

This baby design fabric is great for gift baskets for a baby shower or you can use it for storing diapers. You can make storage baskets for your closet. The possibilities are endless in fabric options.

baby gift using fabric gift baskets

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