Diy Faux Fur Trim Tapestry Christmas Stocking

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My faux fur trim tapestry Christmas stockings is super easy to make and your holiday mantel will love them. This is a stylish holiday stocking is made from a brocade tapestry fabric and faux fur trim. All you need is fabric, faux fur trim and ribbon. Since the faux fur is white you can use any color fabric with the faux fur trim.


When I was a child I loved watching my mom make beautiful holiday stockings with fancy fabrics.

My favorite was her beautiful holiday stocking made from red velvet with fur trim.

The next time you want to make a holiday stocking try making these you will love them.

Here is another post that that can teach you how to make holiday stockings: blue and white holiday stockings . These stocking are different since I am using chinoiserie inspired fabric and a traditional cuff.

What is Faux Fur

Faux fur is artificial fur. Its a pile of fabric made to look like real fur. Its made from blend of polyester. It can be used on anything such as coats, sweaters, bags and holiday stockings. You can get it by the yard. I like buying it in a roll since you only have to cut the length.

My mom used white velour which is another trim that is similar to fur. I’m not crazy about using it because it sheds when you cut it.

Why You Will Love Faux Fur trim

  • It is easy to attach to stockings,
  • They make your mantel look beautiful
  • Faux fur is soft and fluffy.
  • Adding fur makes them look chic and expensive.
  • A great gift idea for the holidays.

Supplies To Make Faux Fur trim Holiday Stocking

  • Faux Fur Trim: I used the 4 inch wide roll. It comes in 5 feet length.
  • Tapestry Brocade Fabric: Tapestry can be very expensive, so the blue brocade l found on Etsy has a tapestry quality and the price per yard was affordable.
  • Ribbon: A gold wire ribbon is perfect with this fabric. The fabric has some gold in it.
  • Lining: Any lining that is white will do.
  • Pattern: Since I do not have a template of a holiday stocking. I purchased one from Anastasia Sewing. There were some free ones but this pattern this particular template had the perfect size and included a cuff and loop.

How To Make FauX Fur Christmas Stockings

  1. Cut out your pattern pieces.
  2. Lay out the fabric so the main design of the fabric is on the pattern. Either pin it or use a weight like I did. With a rotary cutter you can cut all around the pattern.
  1. After you cut it. Sew the main stocking all around and turn right side out.

6. Cut out the lining and sew that.

After the lining is sewn stick the lining inside the main stocking inside out. Make sure the sewn seams are on the outside.

Cut out the loop with pattern. Fold loop in half and sew the loop on one side. Take a safety pin and pull through to make it right side out.

Loop for faux fur holiday stocking

Next cut out the faux fur trim. All you need to cut is 15 inches wide. That is the size of the width of the opening of the stocking. Sew the side of the trim opening. You will have a cylinder cuff. The sewn seam you will be positioned in the back of the stocking.

Faux fur trim

Position the faux fur trim, as show in pictures. Pin everything including the lining, the loop and main stocking.

To sew this on your sewing machine. You have to remove the flat bed attachment of the sewing machine. So you can fit the opening of the stocking around the sewing machine to sew all around the cuff.

How to put on the faux fur trim

I was looking for free pattern but didn’t find the size I wanted. With Anastasia Sewing she had a great holiday stocking pattern that was easy to use. It was worth the$7.00. The only thing I changed was the cuff. I didn’t need a pattern for cuff. The faux fur came in a roll and the width was perfect.

faux fur trim holiday stockings
What are the best Faux Fur To use.

There are many types of faux fur. The best kinds is sherpa, faux shearing, faux rabbit, fox and sheepskin.

Each fur fabric has a distinct pile which can vary in length and softness. There is low pile, medium pile and short pile.

Where To Buy the Faux fur Trim

You can buy faux fur in any fabric store. I purchased mine from Amazon. I purchased a medium pile which it came in 4 inch width and 5 feet long.

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You can purchase these stockings on my Etsy store.


  1. Rosemary Palmer says:

    These are so lovely. I love anything fur trimmed.

  2. These stockings are so posh and upmarket, hopefully, Santa gives just as upmarket gifts.

  3. How beautiful. Your fur-trimmed stockings look like they come straight out of a glossy magazine for the rich and famous. So, so lovely.

  4. These are so elegant; love the fabric you chose! You’re a master at choosing just the right fabric!

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