Last month my eldest daughter, Ashley, planned a gender reveal party to celebrate her first pregnancy! I was so excited when she told my husband and I the news. I thought the party was a fun way to celebrate this wonderful news with family and friends. It’s a very exciting time for our family. I wanted to share my daughter’s creation of “Watch Me Grow” party favors.




STEP 1: Pails

The plants from the Succulent Source arrived in great shape. They did an awesome job shipping them. Fill the mini pails with succulents. Just add a little water to the plants. They don’t require much water. These little green cuties are my favorite. I was excited that Ashley chose this look for the favors.


STEP 2: Ribbon

Cut 8 inch strands of pink and blue ribbon. There were 20 favors, so that means 40 strands of ribbons of each color. String the ribbon through the hole and tie it around the pail handle.


Step 4: Tags

Punch a hole into the tags. String the ribbon through the hole and tie a bow. The bow should appear bigger than the tag.






   Both  Ashley and Greg knew the gender of the baby before the rest of us. I am sure you are all wondering what color the inside of the cake revealed. The consensus was a boy and my daughter was hoping for a girl, but…


It’s a boy! We all couldn’t be more thrilled!

 Hope you enjoyed this cute favor idea! Mama Weppner did an amazing job planning everything! The cake was designed by a local baker, the flowers were a combination of blue and pink flowers with lots of baby’s breath. The food was so good and catered from our favorite local Italian restaurant. Everyone had a happy time!


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  1. So cute. Great pictures!! <3

  2. Hi Maria, such a fun way to make the big announcement. The party favors are so cute. I love succulents in the pails! And congrats to you…you will love being a grandma make!

  3. the idea of the cactus and then they can have there own garden flower seed are good iea

  4. What a fun party, Maria! And congratulations!!!! (the favors are adorable)

  5. Those favors are adorable. Everything at the party looked amazing – I am pinning. Congratulations!

  6. Hi Maria. This post is so very pretty. I love all the soft colours in the photos. What a pretty idea for a baby shower centrepiece. Very very nice.

    1. Leanna, Love that name:)) Yes the gender reveal party was fun, its not a shower yet, but the favors could be great for a shower idea too.

  7. What a beautiful idea! So appropriate for this, but also for so many other parties as a favor. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Yes its quite unique! My daughter created it and glad she did!Have a wonderful rest of your week.

  8. Deborah Caudill says:

    This is a wonderful idea for party favors for all types of parties or showers. Congratulations to your daughter and her husband and to you being a grandmother.

  9. This is such an adorable idea, Maria. And it is something very useful, not just a little statue that will sit in the cabinet. Congratulations on your daughter’s pregnancy. Is this going to be your first grandchild?

    1. Yes it is Mary! She is also suppose to move closer to home, she lives in miami where the zika virus is, but can’t come home until next year! she stay home alot since the outbreak started a few months ago, what a shame such a lovely place to visit.

    1. Thanks Shirley for visiting my succulent favor post! We are very happy about my daughter pregnancy.

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