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10 Outdoor Wedding Ideas You Can Plan Anytime Of The Year.

If you looking for unforgettable wedding here are 10 outdoor wedding ideas you can plan anytime of the year.

When my daughter got married a few years ago we did an outdoor wedding by the beach in lovely Miami. It was an enchanting weekend filled with warm, sunny weather and loving family and friends.   The theme she picked was elegant tropical decor. The gorgeous ocean breeze with turquoise waters and palm trees was the setting for the backdrop of the ceremony.

Since Covid outdoor weddings are becoming more popular even during the spring or summer, when it tends to be rainy or hot. There are things you can do to make your outdoor wedding fool proof no matter what the weather holds.

Planning Your Outdoor Wedding

When it comes to figuring out what time of year you want to get married consider the season and temperature. Spring has amazing weather but it can also can be raining, Summer has hot weather, so having it by the coast or mountains makes it cooler.

My daughter wedding was in March and it was hot in Miami but the cool breeze of the beach made it so much cooler. We also had the wedding in the early evening which made it even cooler. Fall is the most popular month for outdoor weddings because the weather is perfect. Given all this, the first thing you need to do is figure out which month you want to get married.

10 Outdoor Wedding Ideas

  1. Easy Decorating

The advantage of an outdoor wedding, you have a white canvas and you can decorate as you like, no rules the sky is the limit.

2. Location of the wedding

The beauty of having it outside is you have many options. Such as a beach, lake or mountain as your back drop. Having nature as the background creates beautiful scenery and doesn’t get any more beautiful as that.

3. Open space

Whether it’s a small or big wedding the flexibility of having unlimited space does make it less stressful. If you plan on having a large guest list, the open air and the outdoor venue makes it easy for people to move around.

4. Natural setting:

Having the wedding outside serves a natural backdrop, no need to buy additional props when you have the blue skies, mountain views, lush landscape or tropical ocean colors.

The Little Details

5. Wedding Dress

Once you have your season picked out, you can plan accordingly the style of your dress. If you are planning on doing a beach wedding. Off the shoulder is perfect for those summer beach wedding. Plunging back can be jaw dropping and if you want something romantic and simple tea length or short are perfect for the summer bride.

7: Photography

Being outside provides photographers with the best lighting, an amazing back drop of natural setting for a truly beautiful photographs.

ashley and greg weppner wedding

7. Spaces to Relax:

Having unlimited space is great because you guest can have a place to relax. You can set up a lounge area with comfy seating, pillows, blankets and rugs, even around a fire pit if available.

8. Simple Table Setting:

One of the benefits of having the venue outside you don’t have to spend a million on flowers, a few natural greens with any colorful flower to create a minimal vibe on those tables. Less is more.

Wedding table setting:outdoor wedding ideas

9. Outdoor Tent

If you are worried about the possibility of inclement weather for your outdoor wedding. Consider setting up a tent, its worth the added expense to keep you happy and stress free. The money you save in flowers and decoration by having it outside can be used for renting a tent.

Wedding tent:outdoor wedding ideas

10. Sunset Wedding:

During the summer the days are longer which is ideal. My daughter’s wedding was a sunset wedding. We had the most beautiful sunset. Hanging string lighting, with large lanterns scattered around and candles on the table for a beautiful outdoor setting.,

Cocktail hour by the beach:outdoor wedding ideas

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