How To Make Heart-Shaped Eco-Friendly Birdseed Party Favors

Use sustainable party favors at your next outdoor party and learn how to make heart-shaped eco-friendly birdseed party favors.

ECO FRIENDLY BIRDSEED PARTY FAVORS: How To Make Heart-Shaped Eco-Friendly Birdseed Party Favors

If you are like me and love eco-friendly ideas, then you will love these birdseed heart favors. These are perfect for birthdays, weddings, or dinner parties. These are sweet, simple, and sustainable for the environment. The best part is that you can hang them on a tree. These favors are incredibly easy to make and they don’t cost a bundle to make..

Here’s the DIY:

How to make bird seed party favors: How To Make Heart-Shaped Eco-Friendly Birdseed Party Favors

Bird Seed Heart Favors

  • 3 cups of any birdseed
  • 1 cup of flour
  • 3/4 cup of water
  • 1 envelope of gelatin
  • 3 tbsp light corn syrup
  • chopsticks
  • cookie cutter in the shape of a heart
  • jute
  • favor bags
  • tags
  • birthday stamp


  1. In a large mixing bowl combine flour, water, gelatin, and corn syrup.
  2. Add the birdseed to mixture.
  3. Spray the sides of the cookie-cutter with non-stick spray and fill it with birdseed mixture
  4. Press firmly.
  5. Stick the chopstick in the mixture and create a hole.
  6. Slide off the cookie cutter and let dry overnight.
  7. After they have dried, cut 10 inches of jute for each heart.
  8. String the jute through the hole and tie once around.
  9. Place the heart into a pretty bag and tie a tag around it.
  10. Since this is a birthday party, I used a “Happy Birthday” stamp.


How To Make Heart-Shaped Eco-Friendly Birdseed Party Favors

I am super excited to see how many birds will be checking out these favors. Hopefully, I can catch them in action!


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I hoped you enjoy this post on How To Make Heart-Shaped Eco-Friendly Birdseed Party Favors

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  1. I’ve made these cookie cutter birdseed ornaments before but it’s been awhile! I love the way you made them into adorable little gifts. They’d be great party favors. 🙂

    1. Hey Lady! so much fun this past weekend! Glad you like the favors, the birds are are nibbling on them! So cute

  2. The birds and I thank you for sharing this idea. I am pinning it.

    1. Cat, The birds have been diving trying to peck at the favors, its very comical, trying to get photos, but they fly away!

  3. These are darling…I love these as little gifts! Thinking of an event I can make these for! Pinned and shared:)

  4. Such a wonderful idea for a party favor! They are adorable, and I know the birds around my house would love them!

    1. The birds are going nuts eating the favors! Every time I try to take a photo they fly away! :)Thanks

  5. Love these easy favors! They would also be perfect for any summer party.

    1. Thanks for stopping by to give me some love! I had a really nice time making these favors! Heading over to visit now with all you ladies! I have been away most of the day!

  6. There is beauty in simplicity. I would love to receive this as a present. I also think it is simple enough that even I could make it!

  7. This is so sweet! I would definitely love to receive this after a party! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. Love feeding the birds and simple feeders make it even more special. I love these cookie cutter hearts – would be fun to do in the shape of butterflies too. The bird activity has been amazing at our place. I currently have this baby female cardinal that comes to visit at the window almost everyday. She perches on the lawn chair then gives a loud chirp, I come to the window she gets real quiet and chirps again then flies over the bird bath and goes on her way. It’s so neat.. If it wasn’t so hot I would sit outside and wait for her and catch a photo.

    1. Carole, it has be so cute to watch the birds come around and pick at the heart, I don’t know much about the type of birds but they are small and adorable! Will need to get a photo, but its hard to take one, its to far or they leave when i get closer. Thanks for stopping by. Maria

    1. So glad you like these cute and easy favors! I just places the last ones out today.

  9. What gorgeous little favors. The birds in my backyard would be ecstatic!!!

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