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12 Alternative Designer Lighting Fixtures For Bedroom

Create a spectacular bedroom with these 12 alternative designer lighting fixtures for bedroom that are affordable and you will absolutely love.

Create a statement with lighting fixtures in the bedroom

Furniture from Pottery Barn

I’m excited to share one of my favorites process of decorating is picking lighting fixtures for the bedroom. I spend a great deal of time in my bedroom. Its one of the places I go to unwind anytime of the day besides sleeping. I go over and beyond to find the most affordable and gorgeous lights for my bedroom.

Its not a easy process because it take lots of research of looking into my favorite stores such as Pottery Barn and Serena and Lilly..

Alternative Hanging Lighting Fixtures For Bedroom

You have to ask yourself what kind of decor does your bedroom have and your budget. With that in mind you can start searching your favorite designer.

For example in one of my homes I built I added reclaimed wood in my bedroom ceiling. I was looking for a rustic and simple chandelier that would add the perfect touch to the bedroom. I found one I loved at Pottery Barn. The white wash finish on the turned-wood column and stepped candle cups of the vintage-inspired Venice The chandelier I picked had an old world charm to it. Now if you want to save tons of money you can buy a very similar one for a lot less. CFAGHOMEDESIGN Vintage Chandelier

LALUZ Farmhouse Chandelier

If you are looking for lighting fixtures for bedroom that is more elegant and casual in another home I built I I went with a Chrystal chandelier. Pottery Barn no longer has it and I found something very similar at Amazon much cheaper price. My bedroom was simpler lines but I wanted something to give it a wow factor and this chandelier did that

French Inspired Chrystal Chandelier

TOCHIC French Chrystal Chandelier

lookalike Serena & Lilly Lighting fixtures for bedroom

If you relooking for coastal lighting sutures such as the ones in Serena and Lilly. I found these dupes. The Seychelles Chandelier at Serena & Lilly is $1988. One I found is $250. I ones has sea glass the other beads.

Farmhouse & Rustic Style Chandelier

French Country Beaded

coastal lighting fixture for bedroom


This lovely number from Serena and Lilly is around $2400, to get this look try the ones below.

Oyster Shell Chandelier.

Jute Chandelier

Jute Boho

Alternative Wall Sconces For Bedroom

Wall sconces are an excellent way to add character and ambiance to your bedroom. The light helps illuminate your bedroom while creating a more inviting atmosphere. These babies from Serena & Lilly are $698 each. Now are you ready for this, found a similar one for $149.

Serena & Lilly  lighting fixture for bedroom


Jeenake Modern Brass-Plated Wall Sconces.

Classic Brass Sconces

wicker lighting fixtures for bedroom

For perfect lighting fixture for bedroom this is my favorite wall sconce for a coastal vibe. The ones on Serena and Lilly look gorgeous they are $348. Found elsewhere for $149

Wicker Wall Sconce

JoJo Wicker Wall Sconce

How To Measure Lighting Fixtures For Bedroom

When decorating your bedroom. Plan on making the hanging lights for the bedroom the center of attention. Make sure when you are measuring for the chandelier that the ceiling height is at least 7 feet from the center of the bedroom. You don’t want the lighting fixture to hang too low.

When measuring the wall sconces place on each side of a head board or by a chair with side table. Hanging sconces either too high or too low can detract from your design. To figure your bedroom sconce height, start at 30 to 36 inches above the top of your mattress, but not more than 1 foot from the edge of the bed. The sconces should be 4 to 6 inches from the side of your headboard

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  1. Oooh, Maria! I love all the chandeliers you picked for your homes!!! The beaded chandelier in your new dining room is really pretty. I saw some of those at High Point Market a couple of years ago and fell in love with them then.

    Happily sharing your post. 🙂
    Barb 🙂

  2. Julie Briones says:

    Wow, Maria… you really added some lovely fixtures to your new home! You must be having so much fun! pinned!

  3. I love so many elements of your home, not just the lighting! Love how everything just comes together.

  4. Where’s your bed from?

    1. Here you go

  5. Your blog is a beacon of creativity and style. These unique fixtures are not just lighting but works of art that can redefine any bedroom’s ambiance. Thanks for showcasing these alternatives that add a touch of luxury and personality to our sanctuaries!

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