12 Lighting Ideas That Will Transform Your Home

Last Updated on June 11, 2022 by Maria Brittis

Need a change to your current home. Here are 12 lighting ideas that will transform your home into something unforgettable. From modern farm house to mid century Lumens has it all.

12 Lighting Ideas That Will Transform Hour Home

12 Lighting Ideas

Bedroom Lighting

bedroom lights:12 Lighting Ideas That Will Transform Hour Home

Moreland Adjustable Wall Sconces

I know when it comes to decorating my bedroom in the past I was guilty of not putting more into picking a unique lighting fixture. The more experience you get with home decor the more you will see how lighting is the key to creating a beautiful bedroom.

For a chic look next to a lovely tufted headboard. The Moreland Wall Sconce in warm brass can bring such a statement to your bedroom decor.

bedroom chandelier:12 Lighting Ideas That Will Transform Hour Home

Milos Chandelier

For rustic farmhouse or cottage chic. The Milos chandelier is made from beads and rattan. It’s a beautiful chandelier that can be used anywhere in the home but most beautiful in the bedroom. Comes in aqua or dark blue. There is no doubt that this chandelier makes the bedroom.


bathroom lights:12 Lighting Ideas That Will Transform Hour Home

York Town Wall Sconces

Bathroom is another place that we all tend to forgot about. By making a stylish bathroom with something unique its just amazing. I love the polished finishes for a bathroom. This York Town wall sconces looks gorgeous in polished nickel. Set against a white shiplap wall, it’s just stunning.

In my own bathroom I added an elegant chandelier. It adds so much style to the room where if nothing was added it be just another bathroom. The 2 light sconces are from Hudson Valley lights.

Dining room

Gannet Chandelier

If you love farmhouse or the cottage decor. Adding this lighting fixture as double hanging pendents creates a rustic style for a dining room.

Archer Chandelier

This unique chandelier by Hinkley Lighting is perfect as a circular canopy design which can add drama and create a larger looking space.

Living room

Coastal Living Ombre Bead Chandelier

If you love coastal decor like I do. This chandelier features wooden beads and rattan. The colors of each bead deepen to create a beautiful ombre style.

Sputnick Chandelier

Want to go little glam without being to showy. Jonathan Adler sparkling crystal with a touch of brass accents certainly can gives your little space a big transformation.


Garden City Wall Sconce

This cute sconce brings the charm to a small space. All you need is this little fixture to brings a perfect amount of direct light when you are doing dishes. If you have a tiny niche such as a reading nook this would be the perfect lighting fixture.

Floor Lamps

Lotus Bubble Lamp

I love mid century design in lights and this Bubble lamp says it all. It can bring such style to any space. Legendary Herman Miller designed this. I truly want to own one and you will too.

P303 Led Floor Lamp

This is basically all I need for light in my living room. This chic floor lamp has plenty of personality. Since white is my choice of colors for decorating I am in heaven with this whole set up. Whenever you want to change it up try this beautiful sleek lamp is basically all you will need too!

Outdoor lighting

Porter Outdoor Wall Sconce

When I was looking for lights for outside my home I wanted something unique. It took some planning but I found it. If you like the Arts & Craft style, this is perfect outdoor light. The patina on this wall sconce provides a vintage vibe to your home as well as a statement piece. So classy outside your front door.

outdoor lights:12 Lighting Ideas That Will Transform Hour Home

Wellsworth 3 light Outdoor Wall Sconce

For a coastal look for your next home. Try using a large shutter hanging over your windows. Add these wall sconces on each end to finish off the look.

So you can see as much as we love nice furniture, lighting sets the mood and without it our home decor is missing something. I hoped you enjoyed my 12 stunning lighting ideas from Lumens.

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  1. Oh I love the outdoor light sconce! This is a great post with fun ideas! laura

  2. OMW, those bronze wall sconces are gorgeous. All these years I’ve been really happy with our bedside lights until I spied those beauties ๐Ÿ˜€ I love that they can swivel and turn too. Makes things so much easier when you’re snuggling up with a good book at night.

  3. Gorgeous! Love the wall sconces in the bedroom; have to keep those in mind if we ever get around to updating ours!

  4. Maria, I’ve been looking for lighting for our new dining room for the past two years. I like transitional and casual while hub prefers modern and traditional We haven’t found anything reasonably priced that we both like. You give me hope we’ll find something someday!

    1. Lighting fixtures depending on where you get them can be pricey. But when you buy quality they last life time. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Such beautiful lighting ideas. I really love the Archer Chandelier!!!

  6. Maria, I love the lighting choices you’ve shared! The ombre beaded lamp is particularly beautiful… I saw incredible lights at High Point a few years ago and I could have ordered a ton. Sputnik is always fun!!! Still love how your bathroom turned out!

    Hope all is well down your way and that the arctic vortex didn’t hit you too badly. We had some power interruptions and a few killed plants (got down to -2 here in North Texas, with windchill to -12) but otherwise we survived. Some folks in the area still are without electricity/water.

    Barb ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. So many pretty ideas. My home is very dark with poor natural lighting. I will have to look into some artificial lights.

  8. You had me at Lighting! I love this post so much, all the inspiration. It’s hard to pick a favorite.

    1. Yes, lighting can be special when you looking for something to jazz up the space. So many unique ideas. thanks so much

  9. These are all fantastic examples of lighting. I will check out Lumens. Great post.

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