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Fabric Easter Eggs You Can Make Easily

My fabric Easter eggs are pretty easy to make. These are stylish Easter eggs that you can use all Spring to decorate your home. Get creative and use any leftover fabric you like.

I know sewing isn’t for everyone, but if you ever wanted to learn on something easy this is a good tutorial this is it. The key is to have patience and most of us crafters do. Basically you practice sewing the seams of the egg a few times before you really satisfy with what you have. You can use left over fabric to start and then once you master it you can use nicer fabric.

Not into sewing 🙂 Here is a no-sewing post. How To Make No-Sew Easter Bunnies.

How Many Ways: Fabric Easter egg

There are many ways you can make fabric Easter eggs. This one that I am making is made from a egg pattern. It’s stitched on four sides and stuffed with poly fill. Another way to make fabric eggs is to decoupage them with scraps of fabric over a plastic or foam egg. I plan on trying that one for my next Easter post. My fabric Easter eggs are pretty easy to make as I will demonstrate in this post.

WHY YOU WILL Fabric Easter eggs

  • It is easy to make.
  • They make your mantel or table look beautiful.
  • They make great bowl fillers.
  • A great gift idea for the holidays.

SUPPLIES TO Fabric Easter eggs

HOW TO MAKE Fabric Easter eggs

  1. Cut out your fabric and interface. (7 inch by 12 inch size. )

2. Lay out the fabric on the reverse side and add the fusable interface. Iron the shiny side of the interface on the wrong side of fabric.

iron interface on fabric for fabric Easter eggs.

3. Take the pattern, place on the fabric with interface and cut out four eggs.

pattern for fabric Easter eggs.

4. Pin the rights side of egg shape inside out, sew along the seams. Repeat on all four sides. Keep opening in the last egg in the middle for poly fill.

pin the sides for fabric Easter eggs

5. Turn the fabric right side out and fill with poly fill until pretty stiff.

stuff fabric Easter eggs

6. Sew by hand the opening with same color thread. Using a whip stich.

fabric Easter eggs sewing the ends

What the Best Stuffing To use For Easter eggs

Choosing the best poly-fil stuffing can be difficult because there are so many brands on the market.

Below are a few that I have used and were all great stuffing.



Fairfield: Great for stuffing and great reviews.

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You can purchase these Fabric eggs on my Etsy store.

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