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The Weston Glass Drop Chandelier

Make a statement with the Weston glass drop chandelier. It’s a unique glass drop chandelier which comes in many different sizes. I purchased the 40 inches rectangular one. Its the second one I have purchased and it always makes a statement in my homes.

The WestOn Glass Drop Chandelier

I added this in my mountain home dining room to create a statement. To save money on the installation I told the electrician I would hang the glass drops. There are over 60 glass droplets to hang. By using the guide I hung them and saved over $250 in installation costs.

What is a Weston Glass Drop Chandelier.

The Weston glass drop chandelier has sparkling crystals that dazzle from every angle. It’s a type of light fixture that typically features multiple glass drops or pendants hanging from a central frame. These drops can come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, often designed to catch and reflect light, creating a sparkling effect. The overall look can range from classic and elegant to modern and artistic, depending on the design and arrangement of the glass drops. It comes in several different sizes. I purchased the Weston Glass Drop Rectangular Chandelier in this post.

How To Add The Glass Drops

installing glass drops on a chandelier can be a delicate process, but with the right approach, you can achieve a beautiful result.

Materials Needed For Weston Glass Drop Chandelier

  • Glass drops or pendants.
  • Hooks or pins (often provided with the chandelier)
  • Ladder or step stool.
  • Gloves (to prevent fingerprints on the glass )
  • Soft cloth (for handling glass drops)

Step By Step Guide

Steps: 1. Prepare the Area: Ensure the chandelier is securely installed and turned off. If it’s a new installation, make sure the electrical work is complete. Lay a soft cloth or towel on the floor beneath the chandelier to catch any drops that might fall during installation.

2. Sort and Organize: Lay out the glass drops and hooks/pins. Organize them by size and shape if they are varied. This makes it easier to follow any pattern or design.

supplies for glass drops to chandelier

3. Wear Gloves: Put on gloves to handle the glass drops. This prevents fingerprints and ensures the glass remains clean and clear.

4. Attach the Hooks/Pins: Attach the hooks or pins to the top of each glass drop. These are typically small metal hooks or clips that allow the glass to be easily attached to the chandelier frame.

adding pin to glass drops

5. Starting from the Top: Begin attaching the glass drops from the top of the chandelier and work your way down. This prevents you from accidentally knocking off drops already attached. Secure each hook/pin to the designated loop or hole on the chandelier frame.

Adding drops to chandelier

6. Balance the Design: If the chandelier has a specific design or pattern, ensure you’re following it. Symmetry is often key in chandelier designs, so attach drops evenly around the fixture. Step back occasionally to check the overall appearance and balance.

Adding glass drops to The Weston Glass Drop Chandelier

7. Secure Each Drop: Make sure each glass drop is securely fastened. Gently tug on each one to ensure it’s properly attached and won’t fall off.

8. Clean the Glass: After all the drops are attached, use a soft cloth to give the chandelier a final polish. This ensures that there are no smudges or dust on the glass.

9. Test the Chandelier: Once everything is in place, turn on the chandelier to ensure all lights work and the drops reflect the light beautifully. Tips: Keep spare drops and hooks in case any get damaged or lost in the future. Handle the glass drops carefully to avoid chipping or breaking. Following these steps will help you successfully install glass drops on your chandelier, enhancing its beauty and elegance.

The Weston Glass Drop Chandelier

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  1. Wow! These glass drop chandelier are soo breathtaking, its embrace the room, I just love it, really amazing, thanks for the idea.

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