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8 Things To Do In Key West For Couples

Key West is a great place to visit for your next vacation. It has history, great food and lovely beaches. So if you are looking for a great vacation check out my post on 8 things to do in Key West for couples.

fall in key west

For our anniversary we traveled to Key West in October. Being the most southernmost point of the United State it’s still very hot and its summer in October. Roosters and Hens run the place in Key West. I think it’s quite charming the way they are perched on people fences and gardens. I found colorful and vibrant town filled with charm.

Where is Key West

Key West is in the Southwestern, Florida. The southernmost city within the continental United States. It lies about 100 miles from the mainland on a sand and coral island about 4 miles long and 1.5 miles wide in the western Florida Keys.

sunset in key west

Where To Stay In Key West

There are so many places you can stay. Here is a link to VRBO which includes reviews on many places.


In 1815 the Spanish crown granted the island to a Spanish army officer, Juan Pablo Salas, who sold it to American businessman John Simonton in 1822. That year the island was occupied by U.S. forces under Matthew C. Perry, and a naval depot was soon established by David Porter as a base of operations against pirates. In 1886 a fire destroyed much of the town,

Key West has a blend of Cuban, West Indian, Bahamian, and American atmosphere. The architecture is 19th century wooden homes. It’s a haven for writers, artists, such as Ernest Hemingway.

Things To Do In Key West For Couples

  1. Legend Ernest Hemingway is one of Key West best known resident. The grand house is beautiful for its time. The first house of its kind to have indoor plumbing and pool. There are lots of feral cats that live on the property. It’s a historic landmark and taken care by the town.
  2. Duval street is lined with restaurants, bars, art galleries and souvenir shops. It has the best key lime pie at Kermits Key West.

3. Zachery Taylor History park. It’s a great place to go for beaches, swimming or fishing.

4. Key West Boat tour: If you in the mood to go for a boat ride or snorkling this is a place.

5. Little White House was originally built in 1890 as naval command headquarters during the Spanish-American War. President Harry Truman used this house as his winter vacation home and because he spent so many working vacations here, it became known as the Little White House.

6 Key West Light House: Very small width to make it to the top so I didn’t try. My husband did and the views were worth the climb.

7. Conchal Trail Train. Is a good way to learn about the town if you are there for a short time.

8. Sunset Key: Take a boat ride to Sunset Key and have diner there. Rent through VRBO a cottage on the island to explore for the day. It’s another island where the views is amazing.

For your next trip, here are some discounts for car rentals, hotel and airfare.

sunset in key west

Photo by Northrup

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  1. What a charming town! Look forward to seeing your new DYI colorful projects inspired from Key West. xoxo

    1. Thanks for stopping by I can’t wait to make my turquoise and lime projects!

    1. We had a great Anniversary and it was so much fun! Thanks for stopping by

  2. I saw a post on KeyWest and just had to see it, but didn’t know it was yours. I lived summers
    in Key West with my dad and grandparents from the age of 3 until the age of 17 when I moved
    there and met my hubby. We lived there one year of our married life, and then moved on.
    Your pics were a wonderful blast from past. I haven’t been down there in probably 25 yrs. now.
    Cause my Grandparents passed away and then my Dad moved to Central Florida area. They
    used to own the Key West Landmark restaurant called “Shorty’s Diner”, It was the fav place
    of all the locals, and they were in business for over 40 years………

    and you are right it is summer in Fall, and in Winter mostly too. Altho, you can have some
    cold weather at times usually at lowest in the 50’s, but it feels much colder so when it is cold it is cold cause of those ocean breezes . Hope yall had a wonderful time. I would love to
    go just for old times sake cause we were married there, but I only want to go when it would
    be cooler weather………….and of course, Prices are sky high then, cause guess everone is thinking the same thing…….lol
    Both of my kids have been tho, and looked up all the places they went when they were kids.
    We did a walking tour on google which was cool too.

    Well, can you tell you struck a nerve………lol

    Thanks for sharing these photos, would love to see more……

    Blessings, Nellie
    Also thanks for inviting me to your linky party, that was nice! and here I am………..

    1. Nellie

      Key West is one of the most charming and friendliest towns in the Florida area I have been to! Thats amazing that you spent your summers there and even lived there for a while. Sounds like you have a lot of history there! I would go back and visit, my daughter lives in Miami which is 3 hours away but a very nice drive.
      Take care and hope to see you back! Hugs Maria

  3. Loved Key West. Celebrated our 25th anniversary there. Your pics are so pretty. Love the sunset.

  4. Such great information…I think I’d get lost looking at all the charming cottages!! And real estate…tee hee!!

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