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How To Recycle a Wreath Without Falling Into The Trash

How To Recycle a Wreath Without Falling Into The Trash


Would you climb into a smelling trash can and rescue a wreath that was in perfect condition? This wreath had belonged to my daughter and I found it in her dumpster when I was throwing the trash away. I wasn’t pleased since it looked in great condition. So I grabbed her ladder and tried to fish it out. The thing was at the bottom. The deeper I stretched to get it the more it felt I was going to fall in. Finally she came out and yelled what was I doing. At that moment I was able to pull out the wreath. To avoid any argument I stayed calm, smiled and said thanks.

Here are some tips on how to recycle a wreath!


How To Recycle a Wreath in 5 Artistic Ways



Step 1: Painting

I had some left over paint from DecoArt in yellow so I painted the entire wreath in a soft yellow. You can use any paint color you like.


How To Recycle a Wreath in 5 Artistic Ways

Step 2: Add nature elements.

To create a natural Christmas decoration vibe I added some pinecones and glued those randomly on the wreath.


How To Recycle a Wreath in 5 Artistic Ways

Step 3: Paint the pinecones

With a brush paint the tips of the pinecones yellow. Make sure you don’t saturated just softly paint the tips.


How To Recycle a Wreath in 5 Artistic Ways

Step 4: Recycle flowers Adventure!

For more adventures while driving home with the wreath in the car  I saw a field of black-eyed Susans. They were absolutely beautiful there by the side of the road. I pulled over and picked some. Piece of advise be careful if you do something like this. Make sure you don’t slam your brakes in the middle of traffic. I basically waited until I found a safe spot to pull over. The flowers can be expensive so by finding these I am surely saving more. Plus I love a good adventure in the middle of the day.


How To Recycle a Wreath in 5 Artistic Ways

Step 5: Cut the flowers

Cut the black-eyed Susans stems short. Glue them carefully in bunches on the wreath. They will dry naturally and appear as dry flowers in a few days. Right now they are fresh and very pretty. It’s a great way to add color naturally. Once the flowers dry up spray the wreath with hair spray. This will keep the wreath and the flowers lasting longer.


How To Recycle a Wreath in 5 Artistic Ways

How To Recycle a Wreath


How To Recycle a Wreath in 5 Artistic Ways

I hope you enjoyed this DIY to recycle wreath ideas. You too can be creative and have fun. For more recycle wreath projects check my DIY Recycle Swim Wreath.


  1. It looks so good! You did a great job on it! ❤

  2. Love your upcycle. People are amazed at how I slosh dusty silk flowers quickly through soapy dishwater and rejuvenate them! I’m suprised your daughter didn’t ask you if you wanted it before she deep sixed it! A little paint, a little glitter, a little trim of ragged edges, an infusion of more filler and almost any arrangement/ wreathe can have a new life!

    1. Kathy
      Thanks, Yeah my daughter should have not thrown it away, but I saved it atleast! I did let her know how unpleased I was! She said there were bugs in the wreath which could have been true but did not find any! lol

  3. You did an awesome job rescuing the wreath, it’s beautiful! I never thought of using it on a table with a candle like that. Love that idea!

  4. This is absolutely gorgeous!!! Great tips. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love how you’ve upcycled this fall wreath, Maria!!! Yes, one man’t trash IS our treasure ~ I do believe that!!! Glad you were able to rescue this beautiful wreath and how with just a tiny bit of paint and some flowers… Stunning! Bet your daughter is wishing she had thought of that… {Hope she doesn’t get mad if she reads this!}

    Hugs and happy fall days to you,
    Barb 🙂

    1. Lol, she won’t read it, to busy! But she saw the wreath yesterday! She thinks its filled with bugs, but did not find any. Thanks

  6. Love the refreshing upcycle wreath! Great to reuse when we can, I tend to rework things until they fall apart then they have to go,, ha! Enjoyed the post!

    Lori Jo – 50 With Flair

  7. Recycling a trashed wreath is a great idea! 😉 Glad you didn’t fall in! 😀

    1. Thanks, its the story of my life! I’m always looking for things in the woods or in the trash! 🙂

  8. LOL Maria, I can just picture you digging in the bin to try get the wreath out. It’s beautiful. I love those colors, they make me think of sunsets over corn fields and the smell of nature.

  9. Waste not, want not! You rescued this wreath, literally!

    Beautiful job, as always.

  10. aria you are a girl after my upcycling heart. You did an awesome job here. And what you say is so true, the result is a unique wreath that only you have.

    1. thanks, lately I have been hitting the jack pot, i found 2 more wreaths this time at the dump in our town that we take our trash too.

  11. I always love a good upcycle, this one is SO pretty! Pinning!

  12. Oh man, that wreath was WAY too good to throw away! I bet your daughter was mortified. hahaha I love how it turned out.
    🙂 gwingal

  13. Maria, if you continue your “dumpster diving” for wreaths you need one of those grabbers that us old people use to reach just about anything we need to! By the way, you did an amazing job on that wreath! Thanks for the tutorial and the inspiration!

    1. I definitely need one of those grabbers. Thanks for stopping by. Have a nice holiday

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