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15 Mountain Home Decorating Ideas

If you love the mountain look for decorating. Here are 15 mountain home decorating ideas you can add to your home for a rustic and cozy feel.


15 Mountain Home Decorating Ideas

I am super excited to write this post because I am a proud owner of a beautiful mountain lot. We purchased the lot a few months ago and now I am planning to design our dream mountain home. I just spent 2 weeks in a rental close to where our home will be built. Many off the homes in this community of Lodges of Eagles Nest all have a rustic mountain vibe.. If you like to add some rustic charm like they do in the mountains, here are some ideas.


Living in the mountain you really have nature doing most of the work and setting a beautiful background. I decided that I wanted as much natural elements as I can without going overboard.

  1. Adirondack chairs are synonymous with the mountains. You got to have them if you want that rustic charm. They come in different colors and styles. My favorite are the ones made from cedar logs because they age great. I loved relaxing in them during my vacation. It was great way to watch the sunset.

2. Rocking Chairs:

When it comes to rocking chairs, its another must have in your mountain home. I fell in love with these cane style rocking chairs. The cane chairs are not as heavy as a traditional rocker.

3: Outdoor Sofa:( This link comes with a combo fire table and sofa) Very good deal!

For entertaining outside especially in the mountains, you really are going to need enough seating for large groups. I fell in love this this sectional at our summer rental. Its perfect size for a large outdoor deck. It has a great modern feel and goes well with other rustic elements as the rockers.

4: Fire Table:

I had my first experience using a fire table at the mountains. Its different from a fire pit where you sit outside your home. A fire table is table that surrounds your outdoor sofa and can be used as a coffee table for drinks. I love the warmth of sitting at night by your sofa.

5. Firepit:

Fire pits come in all different sizes and shapes. In the mountains of North Carolina many are made from rock. Owning a fire pit is a wonderful addition to your home. It always make me feel amazing sitting by the fire and enjoying the outdoors. They are great during a cold day.

Mountain Decorating Ideas for Indoor Furniture

6. Natural Side Tables:

I love tables that are made from branches, and tree trunks. They add a special touch of nature to the space. The tree tables, rockers and the modern sofa all complement each other. It’s a great combo.

7. Branch Tables.

I can be used as a side table by the bathroom tub. Great place to put a towel or a drink. I like sipping a beverage sometimes when I take a bath.

8. Rustic Bedroom:

If you are going for that rustic look. Buffalo fabric designs for comforters are always very nice for a mountain vibe in the bedroom.

9. Pillows:

Add a animal prints such as faux cow hide or any faux fur pillow to complement the bed or sofa.

10. Leather Stool or Ottoman

If you want to add little rustic without going over the top. Add these leather stools at the edge of your bed. Perfect for placing your luggage or a blanket.


11: Metal Farmhouse Pendants:

I love the lights that have a industrial feel. They are low key and I love that they look great in all the rooms.

12: Antlers Chandelier

This is my favorite decorating piece . The antler chandelier can add style to your mountain home or any home. This one has lamp shades which tones it down. You can get them without the lamp shades. I like both.


13: Nature (Bears)

Love to add a nature photograph? Whats your favorite if you were to choose. The rental had a cute bear theme. As much as we all the loved the bear theme. I ‘m going to add a few bear elements and the rest will be modern mixed with rustic decor.

14: Black and White Nature Photographs

For a low key and beautiful wall hanging. Black and white always charms. This one of the blue ridge mountains in a black and white is gorgeous.

15: Fun Accessories

Whether it be bear mugs or mountain scene . Create a stylish kitchen with these cute bear cups.

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  1. Congratulations on owning a little piece of heaven in the mountains. I can’t wait to see posts on the building and how you decorate your new space. It’s going to be amazing.

    1. Hopefully my lot is still there.. they has heavy rain and mudslides not to far from the tropical storm, but from what I heard our community was spared.

  2. Wonderful; I can practically smell that mountain air :)!

  3. Libbie Burling says:

    Love all the beautiful rustic elements here! Makes you want to curl up with a cup of tea and a blanket!

  4. There are so many ideas that really add to the mountain ambiance and experience. Great post, Maria!

  5. WOW, I am drooling at these ideas. Everyone is just up my street. Sad to say a home like that will always be just a dream for me, but a girl can dream.

    1. So you like mountain and rustic look. I can see why you so gorgeous projects with rustic elements and your art work would look nice with them.

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