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Last week was a wonderful time with my sister. It was the kind of day that goes into my most memorable of all days. It started as an ordinary visit with a ride to the top of Mohonk Mountain.



We started our journey hiking up the mountain along side this beautiful lake…. its hard to believe a lake on top of a mountain.



Not only a lake on top of this mountain but a huge castle like hotel right in the thick of it .

And from this…



…we went to this.



An amazing botanical gardens suited for royalty! Every  kind of  flower imaginable. Staying in this resort cost a pretty penny. But its worth every penny since the grounds are to drool over and there is so much to discover and do. From hiking, boating, swimming, tennis and just strolling around the historic hotel reading about all the interesting people who stayed here.



…So here is a little bit of summer  gardens to make your smile.

It will also makes me want to dance though these pretty flowers garden. The colors were amazing and the sunshine made us feel happy.



After our dance in the garden we headed down a different path. Our path leads us to a view of trees in the valley, that reminded us of being in China somewhere.

A great place to sit down and read a good book. I could stay here for hours with my toes in the dirt listening to the birds in the background.


Our time zipped by and then there was lunch! The lunch was something out of a dream, I had to rub my eyes because there was so much food to choose from. I am not a big buffet person but this lunch buffet was 5 stars.



I want to thank Jerry from Mohonk Mountain House for for there generous day passes and lunch. For more information about Mohonk Mountain House .


  1. What a beautiful and colorful top mountain. Love this. enjoy this weekend!

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