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13 Decorating Ideas With Tree Branches You Will Love

If you love decorating with natural elements from the outside, then you will enjoy 13 decorating ideas with tree branches.

Decorating Ideas With Tree Branches

I love taking walks during each season to find beautiful branches I can clip to make a pretty arrangement. Whether it be Spring or Fall each season has something beautiful. Spring is a great time to look for different kinds of trees with blossoms. Many of the flowers on these trees that are blooming in coastal South Carolina are from indigenous trees such as these in this post.

Supplies For Decorating Ideas With Tree Branches

  1. Gloves: Make sure you wear them when handling plants that you find outside.
  2. Clipper: Bring a sharp clipper to help cut any branches you may find whether it be on the ground or in a tree.
  3. Bug Spray: If it’s during the Sumer months bugs are pretty active then. Spray your hand legs and arms to protect from bites.
  4. Long Pants: Make sure you wear long pants if you are going in the woods to find branches. Ticks are pretty common in the woods/
  5. Vases: Wider mouth vases are great for a bunch of branches with flowers. If you like jar vases, these have smaller mouths and accommodate one or two branches for a minimal look.

Redbud Blooms

The first time I saw a redbud bloom I was just couldn’t stop looking at the vibrant colors of reddish purple, They are just unforgettable. They bloom early spring. If you get a chance to clip some redbud branches put in a white vase for amazing arrangement.

holida ideas

Natural Branches

One of the easiest ideas for decorating with branches is plain branches you find on the ground or especially in the winter months when all the leaves are off. Make sure you clean the branches with bug spray.

Wild Cherry Blossoms:

In South Carolina where I live, there are many beautiful trees that blossom in the Spring. This region has many different kinds of cherry blossoms. Clip these branches to create the prettiest arrangement especially in bright colored vase.

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Cotton Branches

These beauties are great for holiday arrangements. Cotton branches combined with more plain branches is popular. If you love this idea and can’t find any cotton branches you can use faux cotton branches here at Amazon.

Olive Branches

Depending on the region you live Olive branches are probably the most festive branch to decorate with. Most of these can be found in California or unless you grow your own Olive tree. (which I would love) These branches give a Tuscany flair to any table.

pinecone tree:decorating ideas with tree branches

Trendy Tree

Pinecone Branches

I am partial when it comes to pinecone branches. I use them all year round. They can be found during late fall when most of the leaves have fallen. Add some little lights to create a great atmosphere.

Young Tree:

Finding a single long branch is not an easy task, it usually means a young tree with roots. A clever idea is to purchase or find a young tree with its roots and let it continue growing in a large jar vase.

Red Maple:decorating ideas with tree branches

Red Maple

The red maple to me is the most beautiful color on earth for a leaves. The leaves change to this red color in the fall. If you ever get a chance visit the northeastern part of the U.S by car grab some of these branches. You will love how they look in a vase on your dining room table.

Eucalyptus Branches

If you love a simple arrangement you can get it with the eucalyptus branches. Add them to a glass vase and it will add a nice touch to any space and bring a wonderful scent

Painted Branches:

For a simple and quick DIY gather some branches you find on the ground and spray paint them white. It’s perfect to bring natural feel to any table top.

Wisteria:decorating ideas with tree branches


You can find Wisteria anywhere along the southeastern region. I have it everywhere here in the coastal Low country. I just love its showy purple branches. I’ts just magnificent flower. Great for a dramatic arrangement.

Cherry Blossom branches:decorating ideas with tree branches

Blossom Branches:

I grew up on a Apple farm so my mom always had Apple blossoms in a vase somewhere in our home. We also had cherry, plum and pear trees that were a similar bloom. Each year the orchid looks so beautiful. If you see some along the roadside cut a few branches. Cut at least one inch off the end of each branch and place in a vase filled with water.

Beauty Berry:decorating ideas with tree branches

Beauty Berry:

Beauty Berry grows naturally in Coastal South Carolina. I love it because it has this beautiful purple color berry that is so unique. Its perfect for decorating your outdoor tables with vases filled with them. Such a great way to add color.

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I hope you enjoyed this post I know I did enjoy writing it. It brought back memories of my home town in upstate New York where as a child I loved walking the orchids and smelling the sweet blossoms.

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  1. Hi Maria,
    What beautiful ideas for decorating for fall and the holidays.
    Thanks for sharing them at Cooking and Crafting with J & J.
    Enjoy the week.
    Julie xo

  2. These branch displays are so pretty Maria! Pinning to my Christmas board:). I hope you are having a great week. Take care, Tara

    1. Hey Tara, thanks for pinning my post to your board! So far my week is going well. Hope it stays that way
      Maria 🙂

  3. These are beautiful and uncomplicated, thank you for the inspiration!

  4. Your stuff is my “cup of tea.” I so love nature decor and this post is beautiful. Thanks for sharing at My Flagstaff Home!


    1. Thanks you! Glad you like it! I hope you are having great weather in Flagstaff!Have a nice weekend.

  5. These are all stunning Maria; thanks for sharing these!

  6. How lovely. We have a big wisteria growing near our porch and I never thoughts of popping some of them in a vase. Now I’m wishing Spring was here to play around with.

  7. Sharpening my my clippers and heading out to snip branches in my North Carolina garden. Perfect post for me b/c our gardens share most of the same pretties. TYSM!

    1. Perfect, we have very similar plants, what part of North Carolina are you we just purchased a mountain lot in Banner Elk.

  8. I keep clippers and bug spray in my glove box of my car, also a wine opener, Lol. These are all beautiful.

  9. Oh, my head is spinning. I have a whole pile of branches at the back of my shed just waiting for ideas. I love the one that is painted white, it looks so unique.

  10. This is my kind of decorating. I love to bring nature into my home any chance I get. Thanks for sharing all of your lovely ideas, Maria!

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