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How To Make Grocery Store Flowers Look Beautiful

If you can’t afford flowers from a florist learn how to make grocery store flowers look beautiful.

Mix flower ideas for the new year

How To Make Grocery Flowers Look Beautiful

As my year came to an end, I welcomed the new one with open arms. What better way to welcome the New Year with flowers. For me, flowers are a gift that keeps on giving. They create memories that can last forever. Nothing like fresh and colorful florals in the entryway to brighten up the home. Here is a quick tutorial on how to make grocery store flowers look beautiful.

Mixed flower arrangement for the new year

The flowers I used are lavender, roses, purple and white traditional daisies, purple statice, and lush green. The arrangement I used as inspirations was this gorgeous arrangement by Vera Wang. The bouquet has colors that were the perfect juxtaposition to my entryway.


  • 4 stems of lavender or pinks roses
  • 4 purple daisies
  • 12 white daisies
  • 4 purple statice.
  • 5 lush green
  • Glass vase
Flowers supplies for mixed flower arrangement

How To Mixed Flower Arrangements

Separate each of the flowers so that they all are cut the same length. I started with the white & purple daisies, roses, and purple statice. It’s that simple to create mixed flowers. Any combination of flowers is always pretty.

cut the mixed flowers so they are all even

Now they are ready to place all around the house. I choose 3 different locations in the house.

The Piano

My husband and daughter love to play the piano during the holidays. So music is a big part of our lives.  I’m adding flowers on the piano to inspire more of those tunes all year round.


I love roses. The main colors in my home are white, beige and green, so this amazing lavender color shines amidst those colors. Nothing beats the aroma of fresh roses when you walk into a home. I think flowers have healing powers and it’s great to have them around to relax after the hectic holiday. So placing these arrangements in the foyer entryway is the ideal location.

 On a bookshelf

Vera Wang is an amazing designer. Her choice of colors inspired me to add them to my bookshelf to add some pop of color. Look beyond ways to get inspired and decorate with flowers in your home and change it up. Placing your arrangements in different areas is inspiring and fun!

I hope my mixed arrangement inspired you to make one for the New Year. For more flower arrangements by myself.

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  1. Maria, I love this pretty bouquet you’ve put together! It looks lovely in each of the spots you’ve found throughout your home ~ really nice!! The few times I’ve actually placed small vases of flowers in our bedroom or another room, I am amazed at how much they add to the space. Blown away!

    Thank you for more great floral ideas,
    Barb 🙂

    1. Thanks Barbara, it does brighter up a room, I wish I had access to more flower places that sell wholesale.

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