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Burlap Bouquet Wrap Will Make Flowers Beautiful

Burlap bouquet wrap the most popular flower bouquet wrapping material. They make a great base for any flower bouquet, and can be patterned with wrapping paper, floral tissue, or lace.

For my daughter wedding we were looking for affordable flower ideas that were unique. We felt burlap bouquet wrap is the perfect look to wrap flowers for some our relatives and friends. I choose for my flower bouquet the same color roses as my dress. Its truly simple and beautiful. I choose the same bouquet tie to match the peach color roses.

Supplies Used For Burlap Bouquet Wrap:

Pre-made wrap: Can be purchased through Burlap Fabric Co.

Ribbon for tie: You can use any ribbon that you feel with the flowers.

Flowers: I used roses and a variation of baby breath, greens and lavender.

How To Assemble Burlap Bouquet Wrap

  1. Make sure the burlap is free of wrinkles, otherwise iron at a low heat with iron.
holing burlap bouquet wrap for flowers

Step 2: Place inside the pocket of the wrap the flowers with larger stems first and smaller stem last. Before you place in pocket to keep flowers lasting for hours see Tip at end of this post. ” how to keep flowers fresh.”

peach color flowers for burlap bouquet wrap

3. You can see before you fold over the burlap bouquet wrap. The flowers are shorter in the middles extending to the ends. That way the flowers are evenly distributed in the wrap for a full bouquet.

inserting peach roses inside burlap bouquet wrap

4. Fold over the wrap over the flowers tightly. Tie the wrap with a ribbon and create a bow.

I am excited how to they turned out. You can match whatever dress you are wearing by buying same color flowers.

How To Keep The Flowers Fresh

TIP: Before you add the flowers damp paper towel and wrap around the of stems with rubber band. Place flowers inside a sandwich bag and place in pocket. This will keep your flowers fresh. If you have to make 5- 6 wraps do the same for each bouquet you make.

how to keep flowers in burlap bouquet wrap fresh

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burlap bouquet  wrap in ladies  arms

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