10 Home Decor Design Ideas That You Will Love

Last Updated on March 23, 2021 by Maria Brittis

Whether it be your current home or building a new one here are 10 home decor design ideas that you will love.

10 home decor design ideas

Home Decor Design Ideas You Will Love

When it comes to decorating my home, I need as much inspiration that I can. I usually start with a few pieces I own and add from there. That is why having the right source makes all the difference. I can’t afford all quality pieces but little by little I invest in having something that is made from the very best designers and Lumens can provide this.

Grab yourself a beverage and check out my favorite home decor design ideas.

outdoor furniture: home decor design ideas

Outdoor Lighting:

Not having the propers lighting in your back yard can be hard to see when it comes to activities like evening parties. By installing backyard lighting, you can stay out longer after dusk, create beautiful ambiance and protect your property.

There are many types of outdoor lighting. Ultimately you want lighting to accentuate your landscape at night, create a safety environment when you are walking at night from your car or entering the front door.

  1. Ripley Postmount
  2. Fusion Pacific Outdoor Wall Sconce
  3. Sorel Outdoor Wall Sconce 
  4. Northland Outdoor Pendant

Outdoor Furniture

Warmer days are starting to make their way. Now is the perfect time to design a new patio. More any more people are staying home and the outdoor space is a big part of their home. To make it connect with the rest of the home create something special such as a daytime escape place to read a book or a friendly places to entertain friends and family.

  1. Master Chairs
  2. Roly Poly Armchair Cushion
  3. Pip-e Armchair Set of 4
  4. Be Bop Lounge Chair

Dining Room Furniture

If you are like me and love to eat and spend time with your friends and family. My happy place is in the dining room. To make impression at your next dinner party design a dining room with chic design ideas from Lumens. Whether you want modern, industrial or traditional lumens has that covered.

  1. Harbour Side Chair Steel Base
  2. Cherner Oval Table
  3. Costes Armchair
  4. Spoon Table

Chandelier Ideas

Instead of looking for a practical purpose for your lighting, its important to keep in mind the decor of your space and make a statement from the start. Just purchasing a simple lighting is not always the best way to create a lovely room. Keeping the lighting the main focus of your room will make everything else look amazing. That way you don’t have to spend a fortune on a couch, the lighting will say it all.

  1. Heracleum II Small LED Chandelier
  2. Clizia Mama Non Mama Suspension
  3. Katie Chandelier
  4. Viaggio Chandelier

Floor and Table Lamps

A great floor or table lamp can transform an empty corner of a room or a lonely desk into a relaxing space to hang or work in.

floor and table lamp ideas: home decor design ideas
  1. IC Floor Lamp
  2. Poldina PRO Rechargeable LED Table Lamp
  3. Lotus Bubble Floor Lamp 
  4. Glo-Ball T1 Table/Desk Lamp

Fans You Will Love

You should never underestimate ceiling fans. They can serve as both aesthetic and functional purpose. Ceiling fans have come along way from the standard one you all know to one that has style. Take look here and you will see how they can transform your space into a stylish room.

fan ideas; home decor design ideas
  1. Artemis Smart Ceiling Fan
  2. Windflower Smart Ceiling Fan
  3. Oslo Flushmount Ceiling Fan
  4. Eliza-H Flushmount Ceiling Fan

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting are such easy lighting fixture that can create a new look without breaking the bank. They are not for just the kitchen area, you can use a series of them over the dining room table instead of a typical chandelier. My favorite is adding them in the bathroom even outside on a screen-in porch area.

pendant ideas: home deco design ideas
  1. Stix LED Pendant
  2. Cigar Bubble Pendant
  3. Swell Medium Pendant
  4. Painted Cone Pendant

Bath and Vanity Lighting.

Bathroom lighting has come along way. Now days you can get stylish fixtures in array of shapes and looks. All this can bring your bathroom to the next level. As we all know the bathroom vanity is a place we perform our grooming such as makeup application, shaving and hairstyling so lighting is essential. So its important to pick something that looks great but has enough light to be able to enjoy your time there.

bathroom vanities: home decor design ideas
  1. Drake Bath Bar
  2. Vogue LED Wall Sconce
  3. Beckham Classic Wall Sconce
  4. Clara Bath Wall Sconce

Home Acceessories

Home accessories are the added touches that make your home complete. This can be as littler as adding a white furry rug and that’s it, or a symmetrical clock for a modern feel. Without these small decor pieces a room can feel not finished and this make all the difference.

  1. Parker Place Mirror
  2. Echasse Bowl
  3. Sparkle Stool
  4. Melange Pattern 1 Runner
home accessories: Home decor design ideas

Home Office Furniture

In today world people are working from home and I felt that this was important space. There is no reason why you can not have a stylish home office that will keep you looking forward to working there everyday.

  1. ReGeneration Office Chair
  2. Florence Knoll Mini Desk
  3. Magis 360 Degree Container, 5 Drawer
  4. Cherner Seat and Back Upholstered Task Armchair

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  1. Maria, Love your work here and I fail to tell you that. You are definitely going up in the SERPs of Google and doing a great job with this website. I wish I could say the same. LOL

    Good work,

    1. Thanks Linda, your a delight and always a pleasure to hear from you. I have been working hard on my SEO, its a lot of work but makes a big difference. I took a class with the Sticky SEO.

  2. Maria, I have a mink fan in the bedroom and love it….so quiet, no buzzing whir to keep me up a night. Looking for a smaller one for my office and those three-blade fans you share got my interest. Also checking out chandeliers for the dining room to replace the builder’s ugly wall-mounted globe. Can’t decide which style for our eclectic space, so your suggestions help

    1. I am so happy to hear that my ideas help you. You be surprise how a trendy chandelier can transform any space.

  3. It’s been crazy hot on this side of the world and we’ve been threatening to get a fan for our bedroom and that Windflower ceiling fan looks like it will do the job beautifully. Plus it’s quiet. Thanks so much Maria, I think you just narrowed things down for us.

    1. Make sure you get a big fan for the bedroom and make sure its quiet too, very important. Some fans can be very noisy. Glad I could help.

  4. Deana Landers says:

    Maria, these are such beautiful decorative ideas. Love the style, the color in the bedroom, the beautiful white chandelier. And all the different examples for each room.

  5. Love all of these decorating ideas. I love to reference my favorite blog posts and this is going to the top of my list. Love how you included both outdoor spaces and indoor.

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