Starfish and driftwood abstract on a sand beach.

Drift wood is one of  those pieces of beautiful. Each piece is unique and if you think about how it was created, it’s just amazing. A fallen tree goes from water to sand to drifting around. Since I love walking  around  on the beaches and near the rivers I have collected many pieces of drift wood of all sizes. Most found near salt marshes near where I live. I was in a beach store the other day in Hilton Head Island which is only 20 minutes away and saw this small hanging chime. It look pretty easy to make…… So that’s where I got my inspiration for this project.

drift wood chime


  • pieces of drift wood any size
  • thin but strong rope
  • drill
  • screw hook
  • 2 small screws


Take each piece and drill a hole in the middle. The drift wood is pretty hard so I used a powerful drill, because the cordless drill I own was not strong enough. I used 1/8 inch drill bit and that created a hole big enough to pass the rope through.

drift wood in the wind Don’t try to organize the pieces of drift wood, its best if they look uneven when you hang it. Take the first small screw and tie it first before you start threading the rope. It prevents the chime from breaking. Wet the tip of the rope so its easy to pass through the hole.  The last  piece you need to tie the second  screw at the top and leave at least 5 inches of rope to attach to screw hook. Use pliers to close the screw hook to avoid the rope from sliding off.

drift screw hook

Odd shapes pieces of drift wood look best when grouping them., that way the chime hangs creating different variations of looks. All this was pretty quick project. This chime can be put anywhere. Its impact on my front door creates a beautiful view.

xoxo Maria

drift wood chime diy

drift wood chime

“Walk with Nature”

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