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How To Puddle Drapes For Insanely Beautiful Look

If you love flowing drapes. You will be in for a treat when I show you how to puddle drapes for insanely beautiful look.

How To Puddle Drapes

How To Puddle Drapes

My grandmother lived in an old Victorian house when I was a small child. I remember her silky drapes were very long and thought why are these so long she should cut them. But they were styled to puddle.

Have you ever bought drapes that were long and needed to be hemmed? Don’t bother, you can create insanely beautiful drapes by puddling them. I wished I knew about puddling years ago. Puddles are extra drapery that is spilled or “puddled” onto the floor. It creates style and elegance to your drapes

What kind of drapes:How To Puddle Drapes

What Is Needed

In my opinion, windows can be a tricky and difficult thing to shop for drapes. They are pretty pricey and after countless views and estimates, the best deal I found for shopping for quality drapes was through pottery barn. If you know how to sew don’t bother because the fabric will cost even more than buying them. I could have chosen less expensive drapes through an alternative source but then I could not have fun puddling away. This was the highlight of my bedroom.

  • Extra long drapes
  • Drapery hooks
  • Steamer or iron
How much do you need to puddle:How To Puddle Drapes

How To Puddles Drapes

Puddle Guide

Puddling is the amount of extra drapery fabric that is puddled on the floor. It can add style and elegance to your drapes. I think it can add style to any room simple or elegant.

What you need is to figure out how much puddle is right for your drapes. Puddles can range from 1 to 10 inches and can create an amazing look to your draperies. Here are some measurement ideas.

If you want to puddle on the floor you will add either 1 2-4 inches or 4 6-8 inches.

  • I inch puddle provides a very clean look, the drapes sit on the floor.
  • 2 inch puddle, the most standard used today. its very elegant and it pool nicely on the floor. Anything over that is your preference. It’s definitely a more dramatic look.
  • 6-8 Inch Puddle: This is the most extreme puddle and it’s what I used on my drapes, the extra length creates a more dramatic look.

I choose the 2 -4-inch puddle. I felt it wasn’t over the top and added the perfect balance I was looking for.

Hope you enjoy how to puddle drapes!

This video helped us install our drapes

We measure the top of the window frame to the bottom touching the floor and calculated how low to hang the drape to get the puddling look. We added 2-4 inches extra. That is what we ordered.

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So if you love the curtains and want some puddles on your floor check them out at Pottery Barn (emery linen/cotton drapes in the color ivory)


  1. Your bedroom is a dream come true. Love puddles myself. The entire room is exceptionally well pulled together!!!


    1. Love the comment, you made my night! Have a wonderful evening and I was just at your blog and love the sachets!

  2. Hi Maria,
    Wow your puddled curtains look so beautiful in your pretty bedroom. You and your husband did a great job decorating it.
    Thanks for sharing this at Cooking and Crafting with J & J.
    Enjoy the week.

  3. These look so dreamy! Your whole room does–so incredibly peaceful! I could fall asleep there for sure! Found you via Treasure Box Tuesday. Have a great week!

    1. So happy you found the puddles, its a pleasure to communicate with you! I stopped by your way to say hey at one of your posts.
      Have a good week and stay in touch if you can

  4. I LOVE this…so pretty!

    Thanks for joining Cooing and Crafting with J & J!

  5. They look beautiful !
    All my drapes puddle – even downstairs where the sofa hides them LOL !

  6. Curious to know if the puddle drapes method from the article added that touch of elegance to your space – any tips for achieving the best results?

    1. Make sure the drapes are touching the floor with added two inches to create that puddle look.

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