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How To Make A Driftwood WReath In Easy Steps

I am super excited about the warm weather. I have been combing the beaches looking for driftwood pieces. I found enough to make a simple driftwood wreath. I love how it tuned out and I think its perfect for all year round.


When I was designing this wreath I was trying to see what would be the easiest and most sturdy way to make this driftwood wreath. I picked a grapevine wreath. The natural elements of the grapevine with the driftwood pieces go well together.

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burlap bow with starfish on driftwood wreath

What is The Best Driftwood To USe

The best driftwood to use are pieces that you find on the beach. rivers and lakes. They come in different shapes. If you don’t have the water close by you can order them on Amazon. Get anywhere from 2 3 or 4 inches long for driftwood.

driftwood pieces on the ground

Why You Will Love Your Driftwood Wreath

  • The natural elements of driftwood is beautiful.
  • They make your door or wall look pretty.
  • It will add coastal charm to your home.

Supplies To Make Driftwood Wreath

supplies of driftwood pieces and grapevine wreath on table

How To Make Driftwood Wreath

  1. Pick out your driftwood pieces that you want to use on the wreath. I layed the ones I picked on the wreath so I knew how they would look on the wreath before I glued them. Then I started gluing the driftwood pieces. I start with gluing 2 pieces along side each other.

2. Add a third row of driftwood.

glueing driftwood pieces on grapevine wreath

Look at the driftwood wreath and add any driftwood on spots you feel need to be covered. I added some on the side to cover some of the grapevine. It’s ok if some of the grapevine is showing. Add some unusual shape pieces of driftwood on top of the driftwood.

glueing different driftwood on wreath

I love these unusual pieces I found on the beach so pretty.

driftwood wreath on table

Making the bow for the wreath. I measured 12 inches burlap on each side. A total of 30 inches. I needed 6 more inches to make up for the bow side.

burlap ribbon for driftwood wreath

To make a bow tie a just like you were tieing your shoes.

burlap bow for driftwood wreath

Attach the bow to the top of the wreath with a little star fish to top it off.

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driftwood wreath

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  1. Rosemary Palmer says:

    Would love to find driftwood when walking on the beach.

  2. I wish I had some driftwood to make this gorgeous wreath. I guess I will be going to the beach today.
    Happy Spring,

  3. This is so pretty and perfect to remember the beach!

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