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How To Make Christmas Evergreen Swag Wreath

If you love the smell of pine, here is an inexpensive and easy way to make a lovely scented Christmas Evergreen Swag wreath that I guarantee will make your front door look festive.

How To Make Christmas Evergreen Swag Wreath

There its something wonderful of the smell of pine for the holidays. I love gathering a bunch of evergreen and placing it in a basket because it makes everything in my home smell great.

The red studded berries make the swag stand out and the black and white bow is the final touch of this swag.

Red berries and pinecones: How To Make Christmas Evergreen Swag Wreath

Supplies Needed To Make Christmas Swag Wreath:

  • Pine clipping: (Clip from a Pine tree. )
  • Red Berries: (Clip from a holly tree or buy them faux at Amazon.)
  • Gloves
Supplies for swag:How To Make Christmas Evergreen Swag Wreath

How To Start:

Gathering the pine clippings

Layout the Pine clipping out. Around two large ones should be good for the swag. Use gloves when handling the pine clippings. The pines have spikes on them.

Tie the Pine clippings:

Place one of the pine clipping below the other and tie both together tightly.

Adding the Holly Berries:

For the berries I cut several shapes. A large berry branch to place down the center of the swag and and some smaller branches to place randomly around the swag.

How To Add The Pinecones:

Attach the pinecones by wrapping the wire around the top of the pinecone. Attach it to the branch part of the swag. The pinecones should hang down.

Creating The Bow:

Gather about 1/2 yard of the ribbon and fold it into you have about 8 layers of ribbon. Take the wire and tie it in the middle. Take the layers apart until it forms a bow. Tie the bow at the top of the swag.

How to make a bow:How To Make Christmas Evergreen Swag Wreath

Hang your new Christmas evergreen swag wreath on your front porch.

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  1. All that beautiful greenery with the pops of red berries and classy black and white bow look so beautiful together Maria. Nothing beats the real thing.

    1. Exactly! nothing like the real things, unfortunately My tree is not real lol, got it last year because my cat went nuts with the real tree and knocked it done, he treated it like catnip. My cat is a bit nuts.

  2. This is gorgeous Maria! I do love the smell of pine.

  3. Maria, I love the smell of pine. I ‘m from Georgia and we had lots of it. This is simply beautiful and I love the black and white bow

  4. I have an artificial swag on the front door but always wanted a real one. Will def try making this one! Thanks for the tips and inspiration.

  5. Maria, You have the best ideas on your blog. This is a great tutorial and perfect for this time of year. Lovin’ the red berries and how the add a pop of color .

  6. Very pretty, and being the real thing I am sure it would also have a lovely smell.

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