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4 Insanely Awesome Steps To Painting An Upholstered Ottoman

Here is a diy on painting a upholstered ottoman that is sure to blow you away. If you have an old piece of upholstered furniture and can’t afford to reupholster it. Get those paintbrushes out and learn 4 Insanely Awesome Steps To Painting A Upholstered Ottoman.

Painted ottoman: 4 Insanely Awesome Steps to To Painting A Upholstered Ottoman

Before we go into the instructions. I want to talk about what to expect in painting an upholstered ottoman.

I was amazed with the whole process. You need to be patient and take your time in painting each step. The first two coats may feel like you are not covering anything. But after the third coat you will see a difference.


  • Spray Bottle filled with water.
Upholstered ottoman to be painted:4 Insanely Awesome Steps to To Painting A Upholstered Ottoman

How you paint this upholstered ottoman.

In the next 4 steps, I will show you everything you need to know how to paint this upholstered ottoman or any fabric.

Step 1: Clean the Fabric.

Make sure the fabric is very clean. Vacuum as much as you can so its free from any dirt.

Step 2: Dampen The Fabric.

With a spray bottle filled with water. Spray the fabric lightly with water before you start. This will help the paint soak into the fabric.

Painting upholstered ottoman:4 Insanely Awesome Steps to To Painting A Upholstered Ottoman

Step 3: Paint

You will need to make a solution of one cup of water and 2 cups of paint. Mix it in a paint tray. This will keep the paint from getting sticky on the fabric.

With a 3 inch flat brush start painting the first coat all over the damp fabric. I tried using a paint sprayer earlier but liked the brush better. I felt I had more control.

Step 4: Sanding

After each coat sand with a sanding sponge until it feels nice and smooth. The hard part is not the painting but its the cleaning after you sand. TIP: Take your time and with a damp white cloth remove all dust and particles. Do this after each coat. The sanding and painting will take a few days because you need each coat to dry.

Whats so amazing is seeing the fabric transform into a heavy-duty canvas or Leatherette.

I am beyond thrilled how it turned out. After three coats you can see it becoming like leather. Now I have my white ottoman and have saved a ton of money in the long run.

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  1. John Brittis says:

    My wife did an amazing job with this, but she left out the most important step in this whole project. STEP 1 A: Disregard your husband advice in taking the piece of furniture to the Dump. This became one of her finest accomplishments and it really looks amazing.

  2. What an amazing transformation! Great work, Maria!

  3. CAROL J SCHAUB says:

    In my planning to recover or paint a chair and matching ottoman, I came across your project. It’s sounds doable and looks great. But I am wondering if the process and outcome would work for the chair. Would the finish be to stiff and nonpliable? I’ve also read about chalk paint. Is the latex better? What I would like most about the late is the available colors.


    1. You can do a chair, you just need to sand in-between coats to make it smooth. You can use any colors for this project. Hope that helps.

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