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DIY Sea Creature Decals For Kids Room

I would like to thank Cardboard Cutouts Standees for sponsoring this post.

For a fun and mess free kids DIY. Create an underwater world using sea creatures decals for kids room. The decal kit comes with variety of happy sea critters floating amongst seaweed and coral.

Sea Creature Decals For Kids Room

As a grandmother I am always trying to create fun projects for my grand kids that are fun and mess free. Throughout the years I have painted and wallpaper many rooms for my kids and now that I have grand kids. I found a easy way to transform their room easily by using decal on the walls.

What Are Decals

Decals for walls are adhesive stickers or designs that can be applied directly to walls for decorative purposes. They come in various shapes, sizes, and themes, including quotes, images, or patterns, allowing you to customize a room without the need of paint or wallpaper. In this project I am using Cutout Standee Sea Creatures Decals. Get 10% off Kids Murals and Decals using code KIDS10. (Search for decals on the website)

WHY YOU WILL Love Sea Creatures Decals For Kids Room

  • It is easy to use.
  • They make your kids room look like under the sea world.
  • The decals are fun way to get everyone involved.
  • There are no paints or wallpaper involved which you can peel them off without any damage to walls.
  • It creates a relaxing haven for sleep and play.

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SUPPLIES: Sea Creatures Decal For Kids Room

  • Sea Creatures kit Each Sea Creature wall decal is made of high-quality die cut vinyl that’s built to last.
  • 1 grey whale 
  • 1 humpback whale 
  • 1 killer whale 
  • 1 shark 
  • 2 dolphins 
  • 1 octopus 
  • 1 squid 
  • 2 turtles 
  • 3 seahorses 
  • 8 orange fish 
  • 8 teal fish 
  • 4 jellyfish 
  • 12 seaweed plants 
  • 16 bubbles
  • Squeegee Smoother: A blue squeegee smoother comes with the kit.
  • Old clean rag: Use an old damp rag to clean walls of dirt.

HOW TO apply decal on wall

  1. Clean the walls with a damp cloth.
cleaning walls for sea creature decals for kids room
  1. Look at your walls and decide where each decal will go. The larger sea creatures can be positioned in the middle of the wall. Place the smaller creatures all around the bigger ones.
large whale for sea creature decals for kids room

2. Simply peel off each decal. It’s very easy to start at the end of the decal and carefully peel off.

3. With a squeegee smoother apply to a clean dry wall, press firmly to smooth out any air bubbles.

applying sea creatures to wall

I love the way it turned out. The decals are very durable and so easy to apply on the wall.

women pointing to sea creature decals for kids room
Where To Buy the Decals

You can purchase the sea creatures decals through Cardboard Cutout Standees. Get 10% off on each order.

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