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Charming Porches Of The Low Country


There are many ways to enjoy the outdoors and my favorite is sitting on a porch with a glass of ice tea and enjoying the nature. Ever since I moved to the Low Country I loved the outdoor dinners on our porch and barbecues with my family that we often do on a weekly basis. It’s makes for great memories.

When I was designing my home previous home in Bluffton, South Carolina, the idea of a big front porch was one of my wants. The charming porches of the low country are great for outdoor parties. The porches are very popular and such a big element in the design process. It’s important that you can sit outside and enjoy the view of nature from the comfort of your home.

Farm house style porch with a swing, is one of my favorites. A popular and extremely common feature of a Low country porch is the blue ceiling. The light blue tint is a folklore southerners believe to keep evil spirits away.



Charleston style porches are the epitome of southern living. The doubles porches is great way to enjoy the scenery. You can enjoy the view from upstairs  in your bedroom or in your family room.



Wrap around porches that leads to a screened in porch, very smart and wonderful for entertaining. Cozy couches, salty breezes and expansive waterfront views, these are reason why you want to screen-in your porch. It makes for a bug free environment and you can enjoy it from sunrise  to sunset.



We finally agreed to a big front porch. Big enough to be able to have a few large chairs, lots of plants and some outdoor accents. Windows was a big thing that I wanted in my front porch area. It made for such a big curb appeal. I truly enjoyed this home, it was one of my favorites.


Hope you  enjoyed these porch ideas. For more similar post see my front door makeover.

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  1. These porches are so pretty and charming. Wish I had one in my home.

  2. I’ve never had a porch in my homes Maria but yours all look so warm and inviting. Just the perfect place to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

  3. My nice front porch is one of the main things I really miss since downsizing. When we bought the house 14 years ago a porch was at the top of the list. I love a good Southern porch.

    1. Yes, I am so sorry! I downsized but I made sure I had some kind of porch! I would not be happy camper.

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