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How To Make A DIY Serving Tray For The Holidays

If you are like me and never have enough serving trays, Here is a easy DIY Serving tray for the holidays. I love cooking and organizing parties with the family. This tray is perfecting for serving guests drinks and appetizers on it.

I am excited to share this post on a Christmas Tray Blog Tour hosted by Katheirne’s Corner. Thanks for stopping by from Debbie Styles Life and continue your tour to Shoestring Elegance.

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Having the right accessories for the holiday makes a big difference while entertaining. A stylish party is what I want my guests to experience. So whether it’s one, two or five guests, a fashionable serving tray is a must-have. This year I’ve been in the Champagne-mood, so I will be serving some nice bubbling to my guest for the holiday season.

Speaking of bubbly here are some fancy DIY cork stoppers with left over corks. It comes in handy.

My design for this tray is on the minimalistic side. I wanted it to go with everything in my home and not be over done.

I have a few trays around, but this idea of making my own tray sounded fun. It was the perfect project that I can make easily without going nuts. I headed to Lowes. 

Simple Tips For Making the DIY Serving Tray

I wanted something easy to handle when I am walking around with the tray. My goal was to ensure that it was nice looking and functional.

Make sure the handles are light weight.

The wood should not be heavy, since you are going to be using it as a serving tray.

supplies for diy serving tray

Supplies Needed For DIY Serving TRay

  • Felt tips: For covering the screws. It protects your furniture.
  • Drill: Need lightweight drill, this one is great from Amazon.

How To Make The DIY Serving Tray

Place the supplies on a clean service. Make sure the wood is clean and ready to be drilled.

Drill holes  in butcher block:DIY SERVING TRAY

Measure the width of the pull holes and pencil that measurement on the wood. Drill two holes on each end of the board to fit the pull screws. Stain the wood.

butcher block DIY SERVING TRAY

Attach the pulls with a screwdriver. Add little round felts tips on each of the screws for furniture protection. .

What Can You Use These DIY Serving Tray For

You can use this serving tray for serving appetizers

Its great for carrying drinks.

It can be used as a pretty tray for displaying flowers.

Bring it outside and use it to serve your lunch.

Serve you loved one coffee in bed with it.

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  1. The DIY tray is awesome! The perfect tray for serving a bit of the bubbly. Thank you for participating in the tour my friend xo

  2. Wow, I am impressed that you made your own tray!! Perfect for serving champagne! Very pretty!

  3. Your tray would make a lovely gift for the holidays!
    Merry Christmas

  4. What a gorgeous and elegant tray you displayed and I am so impressed that you made it! Just love your style! Hope you enjoy a blessed Christmas!

  5. What a great idea! It’s so pretty! Okay your ribbon front door caught my eye too!
    Visiting from the tour! laura in Colorado

  6. I think your tray would look particularly fine on a porch, deck or patio. The handles will whisk lots of goodies there or throughout the house. Thanks for sharing the idea! Happy Holidays

  7. This is a lovely tray that you have made! I can imagine so many uses for it. You have provided wonderful step by step directions so that we can also make our own trays! I hope you have a happy and healthy holiday!

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