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How To Tidy Your Bedroom Closet With The KonMari Folding Method

Create happiness and learn how to tidy your bedroom closet with the KonMari folding method.

How To Tidy Your Bedroom Closet With The KonMari Folding Method

How To Tidy Your Bedroom Closet With The KonMari Folding Method

I can remember as far back 16 that I loved to organize my room and make everything look tidy. I even would organize the entire house for my mom and I always loved the look of happiness on her face when I showed her an organized linen closet.

When Marie Kondo first became popular, I already thought I knew everything about organizing. I knew that decluttering made me feel great and that less is more. Eventhough my closets looked organized I started noticing that my spaces in my closet where I kept my clothes were getting messy. The system that I designed using Pottery Barn baskets with labels on them was not working. Something needed to change and I needed a new system. Thats when I started reading about the Konmari method designed by Marie Kondo. Her philosophy is to tidy up in one shot, rather than little by little. So I gave it a try and read as much as I could about it.

Supplies Needed For KonMari Folding Method:

  • Old Shoes boxes: (I used the tops and bottoms of shoe boxes, these will come in handy in keeping things separated.
  • Clear plastic boxes: It’s important to keep everything visible so you can see what you have.
  • Labels: Even though I didn’t read about adding labels I kept the same ones from my other system just to give me that extra help since many of my clothes colors look the same.
Supplies for KonMari Folding Method

How To Fold Your Clothes With The KonMari Method:

The first thing I read was to dump everything in your closet on the floor and go through what you need and don’t need. I have done this in the past so I was on board with letting go of things. I enjoyed giving to the Good Will and this was another chance to take some higher end clothes to a consignment shop.

  1. Declutter And Let Go!

Besides clothes I started accumulated other items like tennis racquets and random items that did not belong in my closet. I set all these items including the clothes I let go outside my closet door in a pile.

2. Start With Clean Drawers

Now that all the drawers are empty and decluttered. Its time to apply the KonMari Folding system. I’m going to start with my sock and underwear drawers.

3. Folding Socks

I used the top of a shoe box to keep them together and make a great divider from the other clothing items. When folding socks you place them on top of each other and just roll them.

4. How To Fold A Bra Using the KonMari Method

This method of folding the bra is amazing, its basically similar to what you would see at Victoria Secret store when looking for a bra in their drawers. Everything is propped up. What keeps them even more propped up is the bottom part of the shoe box. You can apply this to bra, sports bras and baseball caps which I will show you later.

5. Folding Underwear

Follow these steps of folding underwear. After the last step of folding you can prop them up in your drawer.

I used the top of an old shoe box and placed all the underwear nicely. So when I want to pick one I can easily take it and replace it in the same spot. This method of folding underwear can be used for bikini, briefs and boxers. Easy Peasy!

6. How to Fold Active Wear:

7. Folding Pants, Jeans, Work Out Pants

I reused my Pottery Barn bins and turned them so that the opening was facing out and you can see everything. It so much easier to find everything and easy to put things back the same way they came out. When I pulled out a pair of pants there would be an opening so I can put back the pants in the same place.

Remembering when folding the pants try to keep this consistent folding method so everything looks cohesive

8. How To Fold Sweaters:

As you can see all these folding methods have their similarities. Because the sweaters tend to be thicker a larger space is needed. So these large bins are great for bulky clothing like pants and sweaters. When folding the sweater after folding both the arms in, you roll the sweater into a nice roll to be placed inside the basket.

How to fold a sweater: KonMari Folding Method

9. How To Fold Caps, Hats and Scarfs:


How to fold a scarf: KonMari Folding Method

For scarfs and belts I added them in the clear plastic containers. These container are slim and fit nicely along side the bins.

Scarfs organized with KonMari Folding Method


Are similar to folding bras, you tuck into the hollow section and prop them face up.

Caps organized with KonMari Folding Method

KonMari folding method truly has opened my eyes to an amazing organizational method. Everything is right there in plain sight no struggles in finding things. The possibilities of what you can organize is endless. I am sold my life will never be the same.

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 KonMari Folding Method to keep clothes organized

If you love Marie Kondo and her KonMari Folding system check out the link below.

The Container Store

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  1. Mary formerly of the boondocks says:

    I also do this Maria, and I think it is such a great way to be able to not only see what you have but also a great space saver.

  2. I love your tips!! My bras are a hot mess because I never know how to fold them. Your method makes perfect sense! Looks like I’ll be going through my drawers this weekend. ?

    1. OH! How wonderful glad I inspired you! I spend the entire day doing my closet, its worth the effort and now I am addicted to doing the whole house.

  3. Wrangling my closet feels like the impossible dream, Maria, but I’m willing to try now after seeing your tips. Great job of sharing pix that show how! TY!

    1. Yes you got to try it, but it has to come within yourself. Thats what Marie Kondo says, she is really a cool lady.

  4. Maria, I love this way of folding from my husband. He rolled his clothes in the military and taught me and our kids how to do it. I didn’t know it had another name, but it works. I love how you use the shoe box lids and baskets.

    1. Yes I can see that, they are very similar. It has transformed my life in such a short period! I have been searching for something to help me organize because I have so much stuff in a smaller house “I was very stressed, not I feel so much happier. Thanks for visiting.

  5. Libbie@alifeunfolding says:

    Love all these tips, Maria. I am avoiding my closets but this might just be the inspiration I need!

  6. Oh goodness me, this was so helpful Maria. We’ve always folded our t-shirts like that, but my little mind never even thought of doing the same with all our other clothes. Guess who’ll be parking her little butt in front of the closet soon 😉

    1. Have a blast folding, but keep in mind only do it if you want to otherwise it can be not enjoyable.

  7. We downsized to a small home two years ago and now have to use the Marie method for my clothing. I find it easier to find certain things but some I have to unroll it to see what it actually is, lol. ex. pants that are cropped and not. I may need labels like yours! Pinned

    1. lol, sometimes I am squinting to see what is what but labeling them I can see its a short sleeve shirt.Thanks

  8. I have six slanted shelves for shoes. I only use 3. I need help on leveling the other 3 shelves as things easily slide out . Suggestions. I am working on my closet and removing crafts elsewhere. Enjoyed all your ideas for folding.

    1. Thats something I have not used are slanted shelves, but if there is a way to take the inner slant out you can use the shelves as a divider and stores things in them. the other option is you can use Dollar store clear bins and place the bins on the inside of the shelves after you remove the inner slant.

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