Dining Room Wallpaper Ideas +Video

Dining Room Wallpaper Ideas +Video


If you are wanting to change a look of a room there is nothing quite like an eye-catching wallpaper design to bring change to a room. For dining room wallpaper ideas see how you can transform a dining room with floral wallpaper. This beautiful wallpaper called Chelsea Night Sky  by Graham & Brown is perfect for dining room wall decor. Its inspired by the Chelsea flower show in London. The luxurious matt paper is amazing to work withFor bonus see my video on how to hang floral wallpaper in a dining room from A to Z.



Dining Room Wallpaper Ideas +Video

How to Match Up The Wallpaper Design

When hanging floral wallpaper make sure that the pattern matches. You can pre-cut the paper a head of time and match the design. Use a long table to make it easy to cut and match up. Make sure you number each strip starting with #1. Calculate how many strips you need to cut to cover the entire dining room. Add 4 inches to each sheet in case you accidentally ripped the paper or measured wrong. That extra 4 inches comes in handy.


Dining Room Wallpaper Ideas +Video


When applying the adhesive coat the entire back of the wallpaper with a thin coat. Don’t forget to coat all four sides. If you miss a spot it can come up after it dries. If thats the case take a small sponge and apply paste in the areas that come up and press down to smooth


Dining Room Wallpaper Ideas +Video


Corners are the hardest part to wallpaper. After you match one side with the pattern you will have to cut down the middle and reapply the second half making sure it lines up perfectly. This will avoid any air pockets. Use a very sharp utility knife to cut down the middle. It makes a big difference.


To shop wallpaper designs Graham & Brown having amazing selections of beautiful patterns. This is the second project I have created using there wallpaper. The quality is superior. Hope you enjoyed this wall paper post and video. For more wallpaper ideas see how a small  bathroom becomes pretty!

This is a sponsored post  by Graham & Brown 

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  1. Where did you hang this? Is this your new dining room already? Looks beautiful, Maria!

  2. Having ripped out lots of wallpaper in our home over the years my husband has said no more. It’s so popular once again I’d love to do a powder room and your video is helpful!

    1. Thanks Janet, I was trying to add as much info as possible. I had a hard time finding a video to learn, I did find one that was informative, so I figure people would needs as much info as possible to hang.

  3. I love wallpaper and so excited to see it again. Thinking about adding it to our guest bath. So pretty!

  4. That is such a pretty pattern, very soft and relaxing and I think perfect for a dining room, where we want to eat our meals while feeling calm.

    1. Thats a good way to see it! This is my daughter dining room and I hope she enjoys the meals there.

  5. Maria, the wallpaper is beautiful and you gave such a great tutorial!

    I’ve been considering wallpaper again lately. There are so many beautiful choices.


    1. Thanks Stacey! I wanted to do a video that covered everything, I could not find many videos that I understood, so I had to gather a little of each to do my video. That way it has everything in one video.

  6. Hi Maria! This wallpaper is beautiful with its soft blown roses. I love the blue and white color but it’s subtle enough that it recedes into the background, even with neutral furniture. Definitely will have to check out Graham and Brown’s wallpaper line! Pinning for you. <3

    Have a great week,
    Barb 🙂

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