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Easy To Install Boys Bedroom Wallpaper

Looking for an easy wallpaper to install in your boys bedroom look no further. Here is a tutorial on how to hang gender neutral wallpaper for boys bedroom.

Boys Bedroom Wallpaper

For the last few years I have been doing lots of wallpapering. This particular wallpaper project is for my grandson’s Preston bedroom and its my favorite. My daughter wanted something her son could grow into. She also wanted it gender neutral.

How To Pick The Boys Bedroom Wallpaper

When picking a pattern for boys bedroom you need to take in consideration the age of the child and patterns. Preston is 2 1/2 years old. Since Ashley wanted a gender neutral room. Going with soft neutral colors would be the best. Ashley found one on sale from Serena & Lilly. They have amazing neutral tones that are perfect for a gender neutral room for boys bedroom wallpaper. Unfortunately this pattern is no longer available but I have listed outer below.

The wallpaper she chose was easy to install because the paper was thick and not thin which made it less likely to tear when adding the adhesive or carrying it around when placing it on the walls. This is important factor because some papers are thin. The soft beige tones of bamboo striped pattern was perfect. The stripes were very easy to match up which is the key to easy installation. This would go great for any kids room whether it be girl or boy.

Supplies:boys bedroom wallpaper

Material for Wallpaper

  1. Wallpaper: Serena & Lilly Veranda Wallpaper
  2. Adhesive: I have used many and the best is when it comes all ready prepared. Don’t get any that have to be mixed with water. Roman was very good.
  3. Wallpaper brush
  4. Utility blade: Make sure the blades come where you can snap it off with a plier or some wallpaper kits come with 4 or 5 blades you can take off and put on handle.
  5. Spatula: Metals are the best.
  6. Painter tray
  7. Gloves: Surgical gloves for applying the adhesive.
  8. Scissors: Super sharp
  9. Level
  10. Sponge
  11. Cutting Table: The best way to cut the wallpaper is to have a folding table close by.

How To Hang Gender Neutral Wallpaper

Step 1: Clean Walls

A clean wall goes a long way. If your walls are not clean the adhesive will not stick to the wallpaper. Trust me I made the mistake of not cleaning walls after the pollen season last spring. What a mistake 🙁

Step 2: Cutting The Wallpaper

Take the roll of wallpaper holding the top of the wallpaper against the top of the wall. Let the wallpaper drop to the floor while you are holding the very top of the paper. Ask someone to pencil in a line where to cut where it ends. Add 4 inches. Take it to the cutting or folding table and make sure you use a level when cutting the paper.

Cutting wallpaper:boys bedroom wallpaper

Step 3: Adhesive

With the brush coat the wallpaper with the adhesive from top to bottom making sure you don’t miss any sections. Take your time. I prefer to apply the adhesive on the paper instead of the walls. I find it when you apply to walls first the adhesive dries faster before you get to put the paper on.

Putting paste on wallpaper:boys bedroom wallpaper

Step 3: Hanging The Paper.

Get a ladder and hang the paper with the adhesive starting from the top passing the spatular over the wallpaper. Make sure you flatten any bubbles that are forming. Use a damp sponge to remove any debris which keeps the wallpaper clean. Thats why its important to get a wallpaper that is durable.

Step 4: Cutting The Edges

With a sharp utility blade position blade below the spatial where you are cutting the edge off. You may have to do the same on the top. Make sure you use a sharp blade each time. I didn’t like the way one of my cut came out. (below) It looked ragged. Thats because I didn’t break off the used blade sooner.

Cutting wallpaper:boys bedroom wallpaper

Step 6: For Hard To Reach Cuts

For hard to reach area that have to be cut in a specific way measure the same way as in Step 2. Unfortunately this is where you will waste wallpaper but it has to be done this way. With a help of your friend, when holding the paper pencil where you will cut which is by the window for me. I made sure I had enough in case I blotched. Add 4 inches on the side. Take paper back to the table to cut and add adhesive.

Once you figure out where to cut, add the adhesive and place on wall the same way as in step 3. This is the hard part, but use soft hands when flatting the paper onto the wall.

I am really happy with Preston’s room. The pattern looks perfect with everything else in his room.

Stripped bambo wallpaperboys bedroom wallpaper

Tips For Boys Bedroom Wallpaper

  • Make sure the wallpaper is durable
  • Get blades that you can break off every 4 to 5 cuts
  • Apply paste on back of paper not walls. I find that it dries faster on the walls.
  • Have t a folding table close by to cut on.
  • Use a Level for perfect cuts
wallpaper ideas for boy bedroom:gender neutral wallpaper

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  1. This turned out beautiful! Our son would fall in love with this room. Thank you for the tips and tricks.

  2. I love it, Maria. It looks warm and inviting. I thought that little jiggle at the end where you didn’t change the blade in time was maybe a funny signature:)

    1. Thanks, lesson you learn about doing things the right way instead of short cuts.

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