5 Tips For Creating Cozy and Warm Fall Patio Decor

Last Updated on November 10, 2019 by Maria Brittis

5  tips for creating cozy and inviting fall ambiance.

Here are 5  tips for creating cozy and warm fall patio decor.

1. Add texture to a living space.

When you walk into a room and you feel immediate warmth, the secret to the room it’s the mixtures of textures, it’s inviting rather than cold. Blankets and throws are perfect accessories to add textures. I am loving my new furry throw. When the weather starts getting chilly it should come in handy. I was looking for a comfy ottoman & pouf and saw this round jute pouf that was the right size for the patio area.

 Here are 5  tips for creating cozy fall patio decor.

2. Decorate with bold colors.

When summer days begin to disappear and the leaves start to change its time for a color change for a change of pace. I love softer earth tones in the form of beige combined with bold prints.

3. Set the mood with candles!

Fall is the perfect time to break out the candles. It’s that time of year where you can fill the room with light and fragrance. Candles are a necessity for decorating in the fall.

4. Have fun by adding rustic natural elements or handmade fall crafts!

I love adding natural elements like pinecones, making handmade fall crafts and adding them to my fall patio. There are plenty of pine-cones outside and what better way to celebrate fall by picking these natural gifts that are abundant during the fall and winter months.

 Here are 5  tips for creating cozy fall patio decor.

5. Sit back and enjoy a cup of hot beverage.

I can’t wait to sit back on my new patio furniture and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or hot cider this fall. We were looking for something small and comfy for the patio area and found this adorable patio set at Wayfair. Now I am ready for a fall patio party!

I hope you enjoyed  5 Tips For Creating Cozy and Warm Fall Patio Decor.

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  1. Can I come party on your patio?? It looks so pretty and comfy!

  2. Seating is important. Love the bold rug used helps pull it together. Looks relaxing and comfortable. Place I would want to be

  3. Your fall patio is amazing! The gold table is so pretty and the whole thing looks like such a cozy place to read a good book and relax!

    1. Thanks Pam! This set really came in handy for the fall! I am renting and its the perfect size. I can eventually use it in a small space in the back yard in the new home.

  4. Wow, you really hit it out of the park. What a cozy space. I only wish we could all come over and visit. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Kristi, it was very cozy sitting with my family out there this past weekend. Hope you had a nice holiday!

  5. I do love black and white. So clean and sophisticated Any your scenery can’t be beat. I’d love to share a cup of hot chocolate out there with you this winter!.
    🙂 gwingal

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