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A few weeks ago I was visiting my daughter (Ashley) in Miami and she thought it is fun to plan a fall floral-inspired party in honor of my visit. I was so excited!

Florals are very much part of the decor in Miami. There are lots of ornate flower fixtures all over this beautiful city.  So, to get inspired, Ashley and I headed to one of these fixtures down the road from her apartment.

We both were clear in our minds we wanted something colorful & eclectic. We were pleasantly surprised to find exactly what we wanted – bright yellow roses to lavender daisies. It was the first time I had worked with so many different varieties of flowers for the table, and I was hooked.

Here is a 4-step D.I.Y to get gorgeous fall flowers to swoon over:

Step 1: Choose six types of flowers

To get the fullness, we mixed 6 different types of flowers in tall, medium, and small white vases.

Step 2: Start with the taller vases

Since color is very important, but the brighter colors in the taller vases so they can really be on display. Cut the stems so the flowers are able to spread out. Place the smaller vases at the ends. (Use your own judgment in placement. Anything goes as long as there are even mixture of color)

Step 3: Adding the china & pumpkins

While Ashley was placing the china, I filled her dessert bowls with nesting material where the mini pumpkin was to be placed. I then tied the place card with the guest’s name.

Step 4: Final step

As a final touch. We added a white cake stand along with vanilla butter iced cupcakes. I loved the look.

Here are some pictures right before the dinner party started. My favorite is this pic of the floral arrangements in the mirror. Enjoy!

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  1. Such a pretty floral arrangement that you and your daughter made Maria! I love the contrast of the colors between the flowers and the white ceramics.

    1. Those white vases were my daughter idea, they sure make the flowers pop! love the time I shared with her doing this..Maria

  2. Keeping all of the pitchers white makes a dramatic statement and gives the floral arrangements the opportunity to shine without being distracted by a variety of vases. Very chic! Brenda

    1. I know the white pitchers are key to highlight the pretty flowers. The florals in Miami are just beautiful, so many varieties to choose. Maria

  3. What a beautiful display! Thank you for sharing how you did it. I love the picture with the mirror too.

    1. I know I am in love with this look! Some of the flowers are still going strong! According to my daughter.

    1. Isn’t it great, I love the vibrant colors of the flowers, I wish I could have them every day! Maria

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